We have an odd habit here at Casa Izz. Instead of the classic names that we all know the days of the week to have, we name ours after what we typically have for breakfast. I suppose that this came about when the bigger ones were still little, to make it easier for them to remember what day it was. Anyway…
Most of our days’ names tend to rotate with whatever is on the menu for that particular day. For example, Tuesday might be Oatmeal Day or Cream of Wheat Day or Bacon and Eggs Day, depending on the fare. Most days of the week tend to be this way. The other days (more specifically the weekend) tend to be the same every week, and these days have been named accordingly.

Saturday is our big breakfast day. We usually have French Toast and bacon, and because of this it has become known as French Toast Day. This is a famous day in our house, and the one day of the week that my children look forward to. It’s not unusual to be asked: “How many more days until French Toast Day?” or to have them tell people “Oh, such and such happened on French Toast Day” much like other people would say that they did such and such on Saturday. Yes, I have gotten more than a few odd looks over these comments. But in my mind, it’s better than calling it “Spend all Day in Front of the Telly” day or “Sleep in Until 2pm” day (although I wouldn’t be opposed to renaming it “Mom goes to the Pub for a Couple of Hours” day). No matter how long it’s been going on, the kids still look forward to it each and every week. That’s something right there. And I can always be assured of being asked “How long until French Toast day” at least once a week. In that way, I’m always sure to know where I am in the week, even if it’s only by knowing how far away “French Toast Day” really is.