Insomnia. This is a word that I have very little affection for, and would choose to avoid it entirely for the rest of my life if I could (at least the practise of it). Unfortunately, it was something that was forced upon me last night.

Believe me, I wanted to sleep. I’d had a bit to drink, so my mind was already fuzzy and seemingly content. I was anxious to curl up underneath the warm blankets of my bed, and lose myself to the confines of peaceful slumber. But there were forces at work that were to deny me of that simple pleasure. Random thoughts, which seem to be content in flitting around the almost subconscious mind like tiny faeries with lovely gossamer wings, keeping you from that one thing that you want the most. So as I lay in my bed, trying to curl up and drift off to a heavenly sleep, these faeries were hard at work in an attempt to keep that bit of heaven from me. The worst part? It was working.

They really are diabolical little beings, these random thoughts. When they first flutter into your sleepy mind, they seem to be innocent and beautiful, which of course makes you want to dwell upon them. That’s the one thing that one should never do, for it gives them strength to carry out the evil mission they have been given in the first place. So, as I sleepily (and quite happily) let them flutter about, they knew they had me. It wasn’t too long until they moved in for the kill. The lovely thoughts became more random and required much more than a passing nod to get rid of them. I started to think of practical things; like what we were to have for dinner the next day? or did I make that phone call today that I was supposed to make? These evolved into more erratic thoughts, like why on earth did I have 2 glasses of rum, when only one would have sufficed? and what was I thinking when I bought that silly little hat the other day? I even had the entire contents of two blog entries written by the time it was done, which, much to my chagrin, seemed to fade away as the first rays of light appeared in the East. Of course, there were many other thoughts as well, which took up much more of my time, that will forever be mine and mine alone…

This whole time, there was a war being waged…my body, which craved sleep was trying to give into that desire, but those blasted little faeries weren’t going down without a fight. And apparently, they were winning the battle. 2 hours went by, and there I was, trying desperately to eradicate the demons from the confines of my thoughts. Finally, the tide turned, and the faeries unwillingly flew off…more than likely to torment yet another poor soul. My eyes grew heavy, and my thoughts finally dimmed into that dreamland where I so much wanted to be. Ah….sleep at last.

So, today should be interesting. I’m a bit sleepy, and desirous of an IV filled with some kind of mega-caffeinated beverage. I suppose a couple cups of coffee will have to do. But at least I have the consolation that things should be better tonight. I’ve found that being very tired is almost enough to stave those blasted random thoughts away long enough to get to sleep. I can only hope this is the case for me. To be sure, though, I think I’ll have a cup of chamomile tea before bed…..just in case.