Sometimes, I can write an entire piece in my head, even before I sit down to type it out. I love those days. My mind is filled with a flurry of words and ideas, bursting to be set free. They just seem to all come together without too much nudging from yours truly. On those days, I love to write. Who wouldn’t, if it didn’t take any work?

Other days, it takes more effort. I have to actually think. This is not something I’m fond of doing (thinking, that is), at least not when it feels like work. So I go about my day, trying to think of something I find interesting enough to write about. Usually, it doesn’t take long…one thing or another happens which piques my interest, and off I go. While the words don’t flow quite as quickly, it’s still not too painful to extract them from a mind that is at least somewhat cooperative.

Today, I fit into neither of these categories. Today, it’s as if the cold and snow-filled wind have permeated into the recesses of my mind, and frozen everything that might be useful in trying to find something to write about. There are no thoughts drifting lazily around, just hoping to be plucked up and expanded upon. Each thought that might be of use seems to be walled up behind an impenetrable barricade. This, of course, makes things difficult. Sure, I could decide not to write today. Fine, that works. But then there is this small (and very persuasive) voice that seems to come from the depths of my very being, willing me to go forward. Urging me to try. “But there is nothing to write about!” I tell the voice earnestly. My pleas are met with persistence, to the point that I just can’t ignore it anymore. This leads me to where I am now. Trying to write something that just isn’t there. My mind is weary with thoughts that just can’t come together, and ideas that tiptoe away just as I attempt to dwell upon them. Writer’s block? Perhaps…but I’d much rather call it “uninspired inspiration”. It just sounds nicer.

Now I am looking back…seeing all that I’ve written despite not being able to write it. I guess I’ve been inspired by my uninspired inspiration. Good thing too…I’d hate to think I went through all of that agonizing work for nothing.