I’ve decided….rain is romantic (yes, she’s talking romance again). No, not a downpour or a cold rain. But a nice, soft, warm rain…like you get in the spring or early summer. The kind that you can go for walks in, without getting too wet and not a bit cold. The kind that seems to whisper sweet nothings as it falls gently from the sky, and barely kisses the daisies as it falls quietly to the earth. I just love rain like that…I could walk in it for hours on end. If I could actually write a romance novel….not like those silly, uninspiring Harlequin type trash; more like something written by Jane Austen…it would have to include rain, I think. When the dashing young man proposes to the beautiful young lady, in a vast field dotted with wildflowers, it would definitely have to be raining softly. I do like the whole moonlight thing, but there is just something about rain that attracts me much more. If I had to do it all over again, I would insist my proposal of marriage be in a soft, lovely rain. SIGH! That would be rapturously wonderful!

Or, maybe, I’m just ecstatically happy that next week, the temperatures are going to be warm enough that it is supposed to rain all week. No snow in the forecast…only rain. That means that all of the snow will start to melt off, and world will begin to awaken again to greet the warmth of spring. I can assure you that I will be greeting the rain with the utmost enthusiasm, despite the fact I’m not expecting anything terribly romantic with it’s coming…unless of course, I decide to talk a walk.