As some may know, I have a few kids. 11 to be exact. Yes, I did say 11…no, I’m not crazy (well, not entirely)…yes, I do know how that happens. Any more questions? Good. Let’s move on. As I was stating, I have 11 children. My oldest is now 17, and the youngest is 15 months. Just don’t ask me full names and birthdates all at once. That will more than probably short out my brain.

Having so many kids has a lot of benefits…I have loads of people to wash dishes for me, or change diapers, or vacuum, or watch little ones. This is a nice advantage…personal minions at my disposal day and night. Other times, it’s not quite as convenient, like when all of them are sick all at once, or talking all at once, or running around the house all at once. It’s those days that I feel like running away to some deserted island in the middle of the South Pacific (or maybe some island not so deserted in between the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean…).

Today has been a bit different for many reasons…our landlords are selling this house, and so we had to prepare for a showing. Not much fun because preparing for a showing means mega-cleaning which involves all who live in the house. So, we all scrubbed, cleaned, and readied the house in anticipation of the real estate agent and the potential buyers. Moods were a bit more foul, and tempers a bit shorter than usual, but we still worked like little bees to get the place in tip top order.

By lunchtime, I think that everyone had pretty much had it. The place was clean, but I still needed to get a few more things done (clean out the closet that one well-meaning child shoved the contents of his entire room in to for one….”No one will see it in THERE” he proudly told me). I was hesitant to tell them what else needed to be done, because quite frankly, despite all of my talk of minions and slaves, I don’t like to use the kids all that much. Besides, they just looked to be of a mean temper. Luckily, a rather small incident helped the over-all mood of the dining room where we were having lunch. My 14 year old son was asking my 4 year old son some questions, just to see how he would answer. 4 year olds, in case you are not aware, are notorious for giving rather interesting answers. The 14 year old was aware of this fact, which is why he was interrogating the poor soul.

“Where does maple syrup come from?” asked the 14 year old.

“Maple syrup? That comes from Maple trees!” stated the 4 year old, in a very knowing voice.

“Where does honey come from, then?” was the next question.

“Honey? That’s easy, from BEES!!” came the reply.

One more question from the 14 year old, a bit dejected at the correctness of the answers thus far:

“Where does MILK come from?”

The answer was this:

“MILK???? Everyone knows that! Milk comes from the STORE!!!!”

We all erupted into fits of laughter, the 4 year old joining in heartily despite the fact that he didn’t know why we all were laughing. The good thing about the whole incident was that it lightened the mood a bit, which made it easier for Mom (which would be me) to get them all going again to finish getting the house ready, which we did, in time (including the closet). The showing went off without a hitch I think and hopefully the potentiality of the buyers will become actuality. So, thank you to my wonderful 4 year old son, and his wonderfully incorrect answer, for making the day a hopeful success all around….our moods improved, and because of that, the house was clean. Kids are wonderful beings, aren’t they?