I woke up this morning just in time to watch the sun rise. I watched as the sky first blushed in anticipation of the sun’s arrival, starting as a pale pink and then gradually becoming a deeper pinkish color. The pink finally gave way to deep reds, purples and oranges, as the sun finally peeped over the horizon. Then, as the sun gloriously rose over the trees so far away, the sky seemed to explode with color and brightness. It was almost as if, in it’s eagerness to finally light the earth, it set it all aflame. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold. And not a sound was needed….all was silent as everything waited for that final moment when the light made it’s appearance.

I cherish mornings like this. The silence and beauty of it all is breathtaking. Usually, I’m able to behold this almost miraculous event alone…the kids are still asleep, cozy in their beds; and my other half (also known as Mr Izz) is usually on his way to school. So, this is my time. As I watch the sun emerge, I think. Sometimes about the things I need to get done on that particular day (more often than not, this is what pervades my thoughts…it’s the only time things are quiet enough for me to actually think about such things). Sometimes, I think about life in general. Why things tend to work out the way they do, and why does my life seem to enjoy spinning out of control as of late. Sometimes, after I throw in some laundry, make the bread dough, and get a cup of coffee, I actually take the time to read a real book. It does happen once in a while. But not this morning…this morning was devoted to life in general. Loads of fun…trying to come up with solutions to problems that really have no solution anyway. The book might have been a better choice.

At any rate, despite what I end up doing, mornings are almost sacred for me. No matter what I’m thinking about or doing (and no matter how tedious those things might be), I wouldn’t trade my mornings for anything. What’s funny is that I never thought that I’d consider myself a “morning person” and yet here I am. Sunrise is a bonus…and I’ve finally discovered that it’s more fun to watch it rise after a good night’s sleep rather than before going to bed. I suppose that means I’m getting older. Oh well…it was bound to happen someday.