What a glorious day it is today! Spring is springing (finally!); there is a fine rain coming down and the wind is blustery, but not at all cold. My kind of weather, that’s for sure. Of course, since it is my kind of weather, I had to take a bit of a stroll outside. I walked down into the back yard (which is virtually snow free, and smells wonderfully of mud), to the stream to watch as the water rushed along the rocks. It’s always fun to watch streams at this time of year, for they hardly move along leisurely, babbling softly as they go. Right now, as the water rages along, it’s more like a roar. I honestly could listen to it all day. I stood on a rock on the bank, the wind whipping all around me, and the rain not so gently hitting me on the face (although, it wasn’t a hard rain…just a soft one so I didn’t mind), and just listened. What a wonderful sound! It fills your ears with such beautiful music, despite how loudly the water does sing.

I stood there, on the bank, for a while. I would have stood there all day, but there is dinner to prepare and things to get done. So, I walked up the hill in the back yard, and went around the other side of the house into the front yard. There I saw the very first glimpses of life…the spring flowers are peeping up out of their earthy home. I wasn’t here last spring, and so I’m very excited to see what these “peepings” will bring in the next couple of weeks. Up here, away from the stream, the wind is tormenting the trees as they fervently try to shake it out of their boughs. This, much like the stream, has a melody all it’s own. What a glorious sound!

Unfortunately, it was time to go back inside and get done all the things I had been putting off. Dinner will be late, and I’m sure that those inside the house that don’t share my enthusiasm of the wind and the rain will be a bit put out. But now that I’ve had my fun (albeit short lived) , I don’t care that they are put out. I hope there is more of this tomorrow, in fact. And I promise that if there is, I’ll make sure to be a part of it, even if that means that dinner will be late yet again.