I don’t like to run around and do errands several times a week. I find it to be tedious and annoying, and so I would rather limit all of it to one day a week. As of late, it seems that Friday has been deigned “errand day”. Since we are (yet again) down to one vehicle, I have to take Mr Izz to school in the wee hours of the morning…..well, at 7am, which isn’t really all that wee, I suppose….so I can have the car for the rest of the day. What ends up happening is that I pretty much give up the entire day to riding in a car, because after taking him to school, and then going grocery shopping (which takes a few hours) and then having to pick him up again by 2pm (his school is about 40 minutes away), there is time for little else. I’m almost ready to walk up the road and beg the use of the Amish family’s horse and buggy. I tend to think it would be, at the very least, more enjoyalbe.

Last Friday was pretty much the same as what I’ve just outlined, with a couple of variations. First off, Mr Izz had decided that he didn’t want to be picked up until 4:30pm instead of 2pm…this, of course, makes things such as dinner difficult, for at the precise time I am to be preparing dinner, I am also to be at school to pick him up. Last I checked, I am still unable to bilocate, so I was a bit stressed. This leads me to variation number two. As I was doing the other running, well before I was to pick Mr Izz up, my mother in law called. Apparently she had some things that she needed someone to pick up at her house for the Izzlets. SIGH! I call her as soon as I walk in the door, tell her I have to pick up her son anyway, so we’ll just go there right afterwards, being there at about 5-ish (she’s about another 20 minutes from campus in the opposite direction of home). That sounds good to her, and for our efforts, she’ll take us out to dinner. Very cool…a bit of a reward for all of the running I’d been doing. She then asks if I was going to take any of the kids with me. Huh? Is she kidding? It would be nice if I were to take a couple, whe says…she’d like to see them….alright. So I take Finbar (the four year old) and Séamus (the 2 year old). It’s my hope by taking them things will be a bit easier here on the homefront. They get packed up, and by quarter after 3 or so, we’re out the door and on our way to Daddy’s school.

This is where it gets good. Really, it does.

As I’m driving, Fin is chatting away. He tends to do that on a regular basis, and so I’m used to it for the most part. But then he gets to the “Question and Answer Forum”. The “Question and Answer Forum” consists of he, Finbar, asking questions and then expecting Mom, which is me, to answer all of them to his liking. If he likes my answer, he proceeds to say “Yes! That’s right!” It’s a good thing I have him there to let me know…who knows what trouble I’d be in if he weren’t! Let me give you a few examples of Finbar’s line of questioning.

Fin: “Mom! Do you have to stop when there is a stop sign?”
Me: “Yes, Fin.”
Fin: “Right! You do! And if you don’t, what happens?”
Me: “You get a ticket, Fin.”
Fin: “Right! So WHY did you just pass that stop sign and NOT stop?”
Me (after thinking for a second that I had gone through a stop sign): “No, Fin, you only have to stop when it’s on your side of the road. Not when it’s on a side road.”
Fin: “Oh. So you aren’t going to get a ticket?”
Me: “No, Fin”

This type of thing goes on for a while…there are stop LIGHTS to go through (“Are you SURE, Mom, that you didn’t have to stop?”), and other stop signs that most assuredly one should stop for. Finally, we are back on a road where there aren’t too many stop signs and no stop lights. Quiet from the back seat. Ahhhhh….

“FARM!!!!!!!!” yells the voice from behind me. I practically hit the brake, he startles me so much.

“Finbar! Why on earth are you yelling about a farm?” I ask, still a bit shaken up.

“Oh, sorry.” comes the response. “I just saw it, and I got nervous, so I yelled.” Séamus giggles over this one. I, on the other hand, inform Fin that he shouldn’t yell when Mommy is driving. “Why not?” he asks. I then proceed to tell him that Mommy might get into an accident if he yells. “Will you get a ticket if you have an accident?” he asks. “Yes, Fin” I reply. “Having an accident is illegal?”
“Yes, Fin..if it is your fault”
“Will you get arrested if you have an accident?”
“Yes, Fin” I answer back, ready to have the conversation over and done with.
“Oh…I won’t yell about the farms anymore” he states. Thank goodness.

As we drive into Canton (where Mr Izz’s school is located), there is relative quiet in the back seat again. I can hear Fin and Séamus talking a bit, some giggling, but nothing bad. I’m just glad to almost be at school before we see another farm. As I make the turn onto the campus, Fin decides to ask one more question.

“Mom…is it illegal to float during a dance competition?”

I just sit there for a moment, not really knowing what to say to answer him. Where on earth did he come up with that?

“Mom, is it?” he implores, as if it is the most important question of the day.
“Yes, Fin. It is illegal to float during a dance competition” I reply, not knowing really what else to say.
“Right! It IS illegal!” is his answer. Thank goodness I answered correctly…if I hadn’t he might have gotten nervous again and yelled about the trees.

We pull up to where Mr Izz is waiting for his ride, and I get out of the driver’s side to let him get in.

“Whatever you do…” I say as he goes to climb in behind the wheel, “never float during a dance competition. It’s illegal” and I walk around to the other side of the car. From inside, I can hear Fin giggling up a storm, and Mr Izz looking at me like I’m insane. I probably am, after that car ride. But at least I can say that I now know that floating during a dance competition is illegal. That’s more than most sane people can say.