It’s quiet here at Casa Izz. Wait…let me rephrase that, because it’s never totally quiet here. It’s quieter than usual here at Casa Izz. Much better. Back to my story.

It’s quieter than usual here at Casa Izz (restating what you have already stated can be a powerful tool in writing, so I’m told)….yesterday, after a flurry of running around, doing laundry, packing bags, and readying children, my mother in law came and took four of the Izzlets away for a few days. Four of them….that’s eleven, minus four, which leaves me with seven. That seems almost small. I’m almost not quite sure what to do with myself, since they’re gone. Almost.

Having a few of the crew gone is quite interesting. Of course, as I’ve already stated (numerous times, in fact), things are quieter. Yes, there are seven here in the house. But you’d be surprised at how much the noise level has been reduced by the absence of just four. It’s amazingly quiet. I can almost hear myself think! It’s wonderful…at least for now. I do tend to like the noise and somewhat chaotic lifestyle of having so many here. But I’ll take the “wonderful” aspect for now. It’s almost as good as having my island.

Missing children also makes my cooking more adventurous. No, I don’t try out new recipes…there are still too many here in the house to attempt such culinary suicide. But I have to reduce how much I make. You have no idea how difficult that is. And how badly my attempts at doing this always are. I cook for an army, because I have an army. It’s what I’m used to, and in the end, what I end up doing no matter how much I try to adjust. Last night, we had leftover spaghetti. Not a problem…I didn’t have to cook too much because there wasn’t much to cook. But I did have to make the pasta portion. The almost 3 pounds of pasta that I usually cook will be too much. So should I use only 2? Or maybe even less? Maybe a pound and a half? But the time it was all over and done with, I’d made about 2 pounds, which ended up being a pretty good amount. Not too much in the way of leftovers. but it was not an easy task getting to that point. Maybe this means next time I’ll do better. Probably not, but it’s nice to think that I could. At least we won’t be eating pasta for the next week and a half this time around.

So, today, I’m somewhat basking in the lack of chaos here. I’m enjoying it….I’ll be able to take a shower with only one or two people wanting to get in to the bathroom, rather than the seven or eight. That right there is cause for celebration. I’ll be able to actually get through this whole posting in one sitting (I’m almost there!!!). WOO HOO! And I might actually get time to sit, read and most importantly comprehend a book that I’ve been trying to get through as of late. But this will all be today, because tomorrow, I can assure you that I’ll be missing it all already. I always do. But tomorrow is another day…. for today, I’m going to just relish the quiet while I can.