Most days are crazy, but today will be even more so. We’re supposed to be going to my sister in law’s (where the missing 4 Izzlets are), and spend the day there tomorrow to celebrate Easter with the family. It would be more fun if I didn’t have to get all of the kids here ready…more laundry, and finding the right outfits for each child (my mother in law is very picky, I’m afraid), getting everything into suitcases, making sure we don’t have too much (this will stress Mr Izz out completely). Plus, the van is in getting fixed and has to be picked up today, so when Mr Izz gets home from school this afternoon, we have to go pick it up or else we don’t leave. I also have to call a million people today, and make sure we have money in the account, make sure everything is going swimmingly with our house we are trying to buy, and try to find a home inspector and see if he can come out next week to inspect the place so we can close by the 16th. Once all of that is done, and Mr Izz is ready to go, we’re leaving…if the weather isn’t terrible, which it very well might be…a 2 hour drive to get to my sister in laws, stay up more than likely all night, then have fun with everyone there all day tomorrow, only to have to get back into the van (with all 11 children this time) and be back here in time for the Easter Vigil. I also have to take into consideration the fact that a certain “Bunny” is hopping his way over to our house overnight on Saturday. I more than likely won’t get to bed until about 3am on Easter morning, only to have to be up again with the kids by 6am. Are you still with me? You haven’t run, screaming, from the room yet, have you?

It actually should be a fun weekend for the most part. Spending time with family is always a fun thing, despite all that needs to be done to actually get that time. At least this time we’re only 2 hours away. Last time we did the family thing, we were 9 hours away. Believe me, packing 13 people up to go visit 2 hours away for an overnight visit is way easier than packing 13 people up to go 9 hours for a week long visit. Just the thought is enough to make me run from the room in hysterics.

Whether we actually end up leaving today or tomorrow, this will more than likely be my last post for the weekend…and perhaps for the next week since Mr Izz is on vacation from school. This is a good thing…we don’t get to see too much of him these days. So I’ll take the time now to say Happy Easter to all of you who actually read my silly little blog. Have a wonderful week!