Good grief…what a whirlwind of a weekend I’ve had thus far! First, we weren’t able to leave until this morning. So, all of the work I’d put into getting everyone ready was all for naught. Oh well…at least I had something nice to put on everyone in a place that was easy to find it, rather than having to rifle through their drawers to find something! We left this morning a bit later than expected, but at least it was still morning when we left. That’s always a good thing.

I was thrilled to see the 4 Izzlets that had been gone since Wednesday. They looked so darn tired…you can be sure it didn’t take all that long to get them to sleep tonight. But they’d had fun, and that was important. We ate dinner, chatted with my in laws, cleaned up, and left. That was pretty much it. I had been thinking we were staying until tomorrow, but Mr Izz decided against it. Ah well…it’s better that way, really. But all of that stress, for what? A few hours worth of pretty much nothing.

Now we’re back home, the kids are sleeping soundly, and now I have to play “bunny” so that those that are expecting treats in the morning (which would be everyone at Casa Izz) actually have their expectations realized. I really ought to get a pair of bunny ears when I do this. I like to have the right atmosphere. Yes, it does help. Maybe a bunny tail too. That might be fun.

So there it all is. My weekend, which hasn’t really ended, but has been one of the most hectic I’ve experienced in quite a while. Thank goodness they’re not all like that. I don’t think I’d survive it. Nor would the kids, as they shuffled up to bed, almost in a semiconscious state. Tomorrow, however, I’m sure that all of the sugar they are pumped up with shall shake off any lingering fatigue that they may still have. Oh yay!

Have to dash…it’s bunny time! I still do wish I had the ears…but I won’t be hopping about. Well, who knows. After the partial weekend I’ve had, I just might. With Green Day playing on my iPod even.