I was out and about today, trying to get things accomplished in the way of errands (doesn’t it seem like that’s all I do as of late?), which of course isn’t exactly what I felt like doing. But it had to be done. I went my usual route, to the usual places…very humdrum indeed. But today, there was something a bit different. I wrote a while back about a wonderful house that I would pass each time I took this route, and how it had burned down. Today, as I passed by, thinking about what other lovely thing could have gone on there, I noticed that it was finally being bulldozed. They were getting rid of my house…that house that I’m so very sure saw many joys and sorrows within it’s walls. It was excruciatingly sad for me to see that. I realize that it was just a house, but such a house must have had such a history…a history that should be told and retold over and over again. But now, it shall only be but a faint memory in the hearts of those that knew of it’s existence.

At one point, I tried to see if I could find out more about the place…to see if someone had recorded something about it. There wasn’t much on the internet, but in my travels around various websites, I finally found a news article which told about the house’s fiery demise. It turned out that they house was not empty at all. There was an elderly couple that lived there, and they both perished in the fire. The husband had been a conductor for a prominent orchestra in New York City, and his wife had been a dancer. They apparently were very well known in their particular circle, and very famous within their occupations in general. As I found one article, I went on to read another, which told more about them as a couple. They were well known in the town they were living as being very close. When they went out, it was always together. It was rare to ever see them apart. And as they walked together down the street, they would hold hands. Their devotion to one another was inspirational. They seemed to be very much in love. What a wonderful thing! At the end of one of these articles, it was stated that if they had to die, it was far better than they do it together, rather than at differing times…for being apart was something they never would have wanted, even in death. So while their death was very tragic, there is also a certain amount of beauty in the knowledge that they did die together.

It was a horribly sad thing to see the house being demolished completely, in an attempt to erase it forevermore from the landscape. I suppose that my melancholy mood didn’t help the sadness I felt when I saw it….in fact, I’m positive that it didn’t help. I grieved all over again…silly, yes, but nonetheless I did. Perhaps someday, someone will rebuild a house on that very spot. Children will again be able to run through the rooms, their laughter penetrating every corner. And maybe there will even be a garden, sweetly fragranced with roses and lavender, where a lovely young lady will sit under a moonlit sky as her love pledges his undying love to her. Yes…perhaps someday; I think that the couple that left us while still within it’s walls would have wanted it that way.