My kids are deprived. Really…they are. There are just things in their lives that they don’t know, which is a shame. I’m not sure they’ll ever know these things, in fact. For example, I was talking to my older children about music that I used to listen to, and how I had such and such album and this 45. They were absolutely clueless. Utterly. It was quite hysterical until I told them what it all meant (“You mean you didn’t have CD’S???”). Then I was told I was lame. Oh well…can’t win them all. At least I can say that I had cassette tapes. But that conversation was some time ago…here’s what happened today.

My little ones tend to like to play house. It seems to be a popular game among the 4-7 crowd, at least here at Casa Izz. Maybe it’s because I play it so well, they just want to be like me? Maybe I flatter myself too much…besides, I swear I don’t sound that mean when I yell at them to be quiet (“I told you to SHUT UP!!!”). So there they were, playing house in the living room, while I was trying to pack up the kitchen before the littlest Izzlets saw what I was doing (boxes filled with newspaper are a lovely thing to tear into and throw, I’ve come to find out). I had piled quite a bit of stuff onto the island in the middle of the kitchen, thinking it was pretty safe there. One of the things that I had placed on that island was a telephone. But not just any telephone…a telephone with a cord. Unbelievable, I know. It was this item that was instantly noticed, and whilst I was looking the other way, it was the item that was nabbed for their game. I can only imagine what was going through their little heads…”What IS it?” “It LOOKS like a phone, but what is this THING on it?” I’m sure it would have been fun to know.

So there they were, playing with the phone, unbeknownst to me for quite some time. When I finally looked over to where they were, to see what they were doing, I saw what they had taken. I would have instantly told them to bring it back (apparently in a really mean, rude way too), but when I noticed how they were playing with it, I almost fell off the chair I was standing on in hysterical fits of laughter. There was Victoria (she’s 5, by the way) and Finbar (the 4 year old from previous posts), and they were talking on the phone; Victoria had the receiver, and was talking on that part, and Finbar had the cradle, and was talking on that part to Victoria. Apparently, the cord was the means that their voices got to the other part of the phone. Their conversation was irrelevant, because the sight itself was so comical. I don’t think we’ve had a corded phone since they were born, and so this was really the first time that they had even seen one. And I guess it seemed logical to them that is the way one used such a thing. Plus, they were standing right next to each other (because as you know, one cannot go very far on a corded phone), which made it even funnier for what was the point in using the phone to begin with? But they were having a blast…until they all started fighting over the darn thing and Mom had to step in and shrilly scream at them and tell them to put the stupid thing away, in a really mean voice, because that’s the way moms sound. Until that time, however, I was in silent hysterics whenever I looked at them. It was quite a show, and one I won’t forget for quite some time.

My poor, deprived children who don’t even know how to use a corded phone. And while technology marches onward, it makes me wonder what else will become obsolete, and what my children’s children will look upon with wonder and amazement that seemed so common and ordinary to their parents. Time will tell, I suppose.