I was watching the birds today, as they flitted and soared, and I thought it would be wonderful to be that free. While they do have work to be done (building a nest is priority number one these days), they still have time to just have fun. Why can’t I do that? What a joy it would be to fly through the clouds and laugh at the wind as it chases you. With no cares at all in the world. Yes, I do believe that would be wonderful.

My week has been rather hectic…actually, hectic isn’t the word for it. It’s been chaotic, as life in general swirled around us all in almost blizzard-like fashion, making everyone dizzy and disoriented. Speaking for myself, I’m tired and grumpy, and very much wanting a place where things aren’t quite as crazy. Does such a place exist? If so, I’ve yet to stumble upon it. I’m looking, but if it’s there, it’s being rather elusive. Perhaps one day…

I suppose most of the stress is caused by having to pack up to move. I have less than a week, which really isn’t all that bad (I can really do it in that amount of time, me being the virtual pro that I am), but when you throw in the occasional monkey wrench (to be truthful, they haven’t been all that occasional as of late…), things just don’t seem to be working the way they should be. The boxes are falling apart, or I run out of tape, or I haven’t enough newspaper to wrap the glasses in….on and on. Plus, with Mr Izz in school, I’m doing this one alone. That right there is something I am not used to. But, much to my chagrin, time marches forward, always reminding me that the date we are to depart is very rapidly approaching. Time is the bane of my existence. I’m going to abolish it one day, along with patience. Life will be a virtual utopia when I do. Just you wait.

I know things will calm down. I’ll get the place packed up (and in time!), we’ll move into the new place, Mr Izz will finish with the semester (right after we move….I’m wondering if he somehow planned it that way….), and, to our delight, be home much more. And all will be as it should be once again. But right now, while things are still in such a seemingly endless state of pandemonium, flying through the infinite blue sky, through the clouds and dodging the wind seems very enticing. But as I am sadly lacking wings, doing just that seems very unlikely. Maybe when I create my timeless, impatient Utopia, everyone will also be required to have wings. Until then, I guess I’m stuck on the ground.