Now that things are starting to settle down a bit from our move, and I’m trying to get everything in order (a place for everything and everything in it’s place…), we’re starting to slip back into “routine”. Well, not totally, but the kids have finally gotten back into their routine of bickering and just general not getting along. When they all do it at once, it makes things rather maddening for their mother (which would be me). 11 kids are loud enough (try to have all 11 whisper at the same time…there’s nothing quiet about it)…but when they are arguing about who is having which kind of cereal (which is what they are doing right now…and why I have retreated into the office), it’s almost unbearable. SIGH! Do I have to be Mom today?

What this all means is that it might be a good day for a walk, to get away from things here, even if it’s just for a short amount of time. I love going for walks…to smell the freshness of the grass and hear the chatter of the birds …I wonder if their chatter is like my children’s chatter? Are they arguing about who is to sit on the eggs? Oh well, no matter. Since I don’t understand bird language, the sound is still beautiful to me. Makes me wonder, though if the sounds of my brood is wonderful to them as well, since they don’t understand human language. I know, I think too much. Back to my writing…The first thing I noticed here at our new house, is that we have a cemetery right across the road. I simply adore walking through cemeteries. They are so peacefully quiet, which, especially today, is very attractive to me. No one is going to all of a sudden pop up to talk back to me, or to criticise me, or to find another inhabitant to bicker with (although that might be interesting…). They all will continue to peacefully slumber within their earthy abodes as I quietly wander about, finding out tidbits of information about the occupants by reading the headstones that mark where they lie. And did I mention that it will be very quiet? Yes…taking a walk in the cemetery does indeed sound like a plan.

I’m sure that things will calm down eventually. There is still a certain amount of stress in the house in general, as we try to unpack and get entirely settled. Plus, Mr Izz’s finals are coming up, and that lends a whole other level of stress to the stress that’s already permeating the air at Casa Izz. I may be spending quite a bit of time at the cemetery across the road in the next couple of weeks, that’s for sure. At least there I can be assured of a complete lack of stress, and a calming peacefulness that is hard to find anywhere else…especially within the confines of my four walls. And maybe I’ll strike up a conversation with one of the souls (or would it be lack of souls?) that live there. At least then I’ll be able to talk without interruption.