Séamus is very attached to me…in fact, we jokingly call him Œdipus because he doesn’t even allow Mr Izz to give me a kiss on the cheek when he’s around; “No, Daddy. I love Mommy!” And if Mr Izz says “give me a kiss, Séamus” he’ll run to me and say “Kissa me, Mommy”. He’s quite a character, that’s for sure. Even if he isn’t my baby anymore.

He also doesn’t like to be by himself at night (despite the fact that he has 3 of his brothers in his room with him, he apparently feels lonely), so most nights, around 2am or so, I’ll hear little pitter-pattering feet run across the hall to come into my room. “I sleepy you, Momma?” he asks…and of course I always say yes. Afterall, he is only 2, and I feel badly. This wouldn’t be too horrible, except for the fact that when he is sleeping in my room, he has to sleep between Mr Izz and I. That’s the only way he can “sleepy Mommy” it seems. Of course, Mr Izz would prefer that I say no to him once in a while…he’s not fond of being exiled to the outer reaches of the bed, or of having little feet firmly planted in his back all night (the latter part is poetic justice as far as I’m concerned…I had his little feet firmly planted in my ribs for at least 5 months).

This brings me to this morning. Séamus decided to go into my room for whatever reason his little 2 year old mind came up with. He knows that he’s not supposed to be in Mommy’s room, and when his big sister caught him in there, she told him to get out.

“NO!” he yelled back at her. Katherine was stifling a smile here, because he was so adamant it was kind of cute.

“Yes, Séamus. You aren’t allowed in Mommy’s room.”

“NO! Thisa MY room!!!!” he retorted.

“Séamus, this is NOT your room. This is Mommy’s room!”

“NO!” he yelled even more loudly. “Thisa MY room!! I Sleepa in here!!”

By this time, I was there to take over for Katherine, but this part had us both in hysterics. It’s very difficult to discipline a child when you are practically rolling on the floor in wild laughter. He was so darn serious, and you hate to laugh, but gosh he was funny.

I suppose this means I really ought to try to keep him in his own bed more…but honestly, I really do like the fact that Mr Izz has to tolerate those feet in his back. So maybe I’ll wait just a bit longer. Just don’t tell Mr Izz I said that.