Spring is my favorite time of year. It’s warm, but not too warm, and everything that grows is putting forth new life in their own way…the trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and the mares up the road from us on the farm have the sweetest little colts now! Everything seems to be so fresh and new and just wonderful. You can’t help but be happy in the Spring….well, I can’t anyway.

Spring is also the time for “first-of-the-year”‘s…the first time it rains and it’s warm enough to kick of your shoes and run around in it (I did this one last week…yes, it was glorious, and yes, Mr Izz thought I was insane. Who cares…I had a blast and came in laughing hysterically and totally soaked. It was worth it, despite the looks I received), the first time you get to wear sandals (did that one last week too!!), the first time the black flies get you behind the ears…that one isn’t too much fun, but for the sake of consistency, it must be noted.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and was also a “first-of-the-year” day. Yesterday, we were able to enjoy the first SEVERAGUS of the year (or, for those of you that don’t live at Casa Izz and don’t know the lingo, severagus is also known as asparagus….severagus is a Torti-ism…a word that Victoria, also known as “Torti”, made up since she can’t say asparagus. I know…things here can be rather complicated for those not in the know). There is absolutely nothing like freshly picked asparagus. Here in the North Country, there are little roadside stands all over the place…with the very large population of Amish here, you can get some pretty great deals on fresh produce all summer. Two of the boys were at my mother in law’s house yesterday (they had spent the night because she wanted to take them shopping to buy new sneakers….but that’s another story). So, Mr Izz and I decided to run over and pick them up. On the way we saw the asparagus stand, but didn’t end up stopping until we drove past on the way home. It was a fabulous price, and it had been just picked that morning. Way better than the withered, wrinkled, greenish-brown asparagus shaped things you find at your local grocery store. How they can sell that nasty stuff and not have a conscience problem, I have no idea. It’s truly vile looking, and I’m sure tastes even worse than it looks. But, getting back to my story here, the stuff we bought looked simply delicious…small, pencil sized shoots, nice green color, and anything but withered and wrinkled. We bought a couple of pounds, and I steamed them for dinner (yeah, I did have to cook for Mother’s Day….). I put them into a big serving bowl, drizzled them with butter…..yum! They were heavenly…if asparagus isn’t served in heaven, it should be, by the way, but I’m pretty sure it must be…they were done just perfectly; not too mushy or too firm. Just right. I could eat it all day. Some of the kids weren’t too fond of them (more for ME!), but when I told them that if they ate it, it would make their pee green, they made a bee-line to the bowl and filled their plates up. Kids are so easy to manipulate. I’m sure that they were later comparing notes on the color of their urine. Victoria, on the other hand, was very easy because she loved it from the very first bite. She asked for at least 3 helpings, and would have had more if it hadn’t been all gone.

So, that was my “first of the year” for this week. Severagus. It was well worth the wait over the winter to have those first succulent bites. Yum! Even if it does turn my pee green.