Finals are officially OVER!!! Thank God! I wasn’t sure we’d make it through (when Mr Izz stresses, the world stresses…), but we did and all is actually well. The world is still spinning along nicely upon it’s axis, in it’s rightful place among the other planets; the stars are still brightly shining within the vastness of the cosmos (if the millions I saw last night were the judge of that); and we’re all still here, not having been obliterated entirely by the death glares we got when we asked him whether or not he wanted to have dinner while he was in the middle of trying to study for Anatomy and Physiology (believe me, they were that bad). But while things here should be getting back to normal, the happy dancing will have to wait a bit, since now that he’s done with school for the semester (one down…only three left until I buy him that cute little nurse’s hat), he has business related traveling to do…two weeks of it in fact. I’m thinking that I’d actually like the world to stop spinning on it’s axis for a bit…I need jump off and find another planet that perhaps doesn’t spin quite so quickly. Maybe Venus…all that gaseous stuff that surrounds it might be useful too, for I’d be much harder to find. Sounds good….impractical, since air would be somewhat difficult to find, as well as water…probably food too….but still, a good idea nonetheless.

Really, I can’t complain about it all, because it won’t be that bad. I actually like when Mr Izz isn’t here, to a certain extent anyway. I get far more done…why this is, I have no idea, but I do. Things are way more laid back (that’s because I’m running things…who needs all those “type A personality” vibes running amok anyway?)…we even do silly things like have cereal for dinner, go on picnics in the yard, and stay up late to watch really stupid movies. It’s not that he doesn’t like to do such things (well, except the cereal for dinner part…he really isn’t fond of that), he’s just a “by the book” type of person, and things have to be a certain way all of the time….schedules and charts and lists. All the things that I’m not, although try to be for his benefit because it drives him batty when I’m not (and yes, I do also benefit from some of these things…but don’t tell him that. He’ll just say “I told you so!” and I don’t want to hear that today). But when he’s gone, I can do things my own way for a change. Two weeks of no lists or schedules…..almost sheer perfection!

Honestly, though, I will miss him. It’s not the same when he’s gone, and we all get pretty restless until he’s back. Besides, he has some of the Izzlets with him which always make things empty here at Casa Izz. Two weeks…yeah, I can manage it. But here’s hoping that the rest of the summer isn’t like this. I may get too used to running the show and throw those lists right out the window entirely. 😉