I’ve had a rather peculiar type of day…well, I suppose peculiar isn’t really the word for it. Irksome…that’s the word I’m looking for. Yes, irksome will do quite nicely. My day has been irksome. Aside from the normal, day to day trivialities, I’ve also just been in a foul mood (I’m thinking that in lieu of this, the day has been rather irksome for the kids too, but they’ll survive). My foulness has brought on a “Green Day”, meaning that I’ve been reduced to rebellion and anarchistic type behavior…ie: listening to Green Day. That’s my usual modus operandi on days such as this…in fact, I have it on as I type. Not sure if it’s helping my writing, but it’s helping my mood the tiniest bit. Yes, it has taken all day for it to get to even “tiniest bit”…thank you for noticing. No, I’m really not thinking that maybe having a Green Day isn’t really conducive to creating a more serene outlook and general attitude. The reason my mood is the tiniest bit better is because I’m liking being somewhat rebellious right now. There…objections answered. Let’s move on.

I’m really not writing this to go on and on (and on and on…) about my mood today. I was quote hunting earlier…looking for a new and exciting signature quote for a message board I frequent; one that of course reflects my wonderfully defiant outlook upon life in general right now. It turned out that I recycled one that I’ve used in the past, but since I really like it, I decided that re-siggying wouldn’t be a bad thing. But during my ventures into quotedom via the internet, I did happen upon a quote that I really did like, but didn’t think would be all that appropriate for a message board. So, it shall now, forevermore, grace the hallowed postings of my meagre, and yet somewhat relevant (at least to me) blog. But that’s only because I’m being defiant, and don’t care if it’s offensive (not that it is offensive…but anyway…). The quote is by Oscar Wilde….by the way, after all this quote diving I’ve been doing, I’m beginning to love Oscar Wilde. He really wrote some pretty awesome stuff. I thought this quote was really good…and right on the button:

Men always want to be a woman’s first love; women have a more subtle instinct: what they like is to be a man’s last romance

This is such a brilliant quote! There is such truth and wisdom contained in it. And I really think that this is one of the keys as to the differences between men and women. I’m sure I could launch into some lovely diatribe (oooo..lovely diatribe! How’s that for an oxymoron?) about how this is because women think of more than just themselves, whereas men really don’t, but maybe it wouldn’t be a good thing to go there. Wouldn’t you agree? Good…so I won’t.

So there’s my quote. I really was taken by it…although I’m not sure why. Maybe my anarchist attitude forced certain parts of my cerebral wiring to get crossed. Who knows. And see? It really wasn’t offensive. Very true, but hardly offensive. Maybe that means that the rebellion is cooling a bit…after all, I also really liked this quote by Ian Fleming, that I also found to be quite true, and highly relevant, but decided not to use:

Men want a woman whom they can turn on and off like a light switch

It’s a good thing that I’m finally coming out of this…using that quote would have been more defiant than even I would have wanted to be.