The top 5 things that happened this week that were positive.

1) The lilacs bloomed…I have them in the house, and they smell divine

2) The cold weather left, and it’s been summertime type hot. YAY!

3) I painted my toenails bright pink

4) I found out that Mr Izz’s trip to Chicago has been cancelled…this means that I may actually get my washing machine, the lawn may get mowed, and I may be able to plant my garden. Oh, and he’ll be home just in general, not in Chicago…almost forgot that one 😉

5) I’m sick of listening to Green Day

Top 5 things that happened this week that weren’t so positive

1) The grass got too long, and if it gets any worse, I’m libel to lose a child in it

2) The laundry is so high, I’m going to have to learn to yodel before I can actually wash it

3) I didn’t get too much sleep, so I could almost qualify as one of the undead at this point

4) Mr Izz was gone, which only means I should get a vacation by myself

5) I listened to too much Green Day

So there you have it. The week in review. Back to your regularly scheduled programing.