It’s hard to believe that I’ve actually written 50 posts on this blog. When I first started out, I thought I might get to 10, and then dramatically fizzle out, never to be heard from again. And while my posts aren’t always the most witty or inspiring, they are all me…kind of what makes me tick, if you know what I mean. But 50…wow…that seems like an awful lot, especially for someone who can’t write to save her life, but has always wanted to.

It’s funny…ever since I’ve been writing here, I’ve been thinking in terms of “blog worthiness”. Something happens here, and I wonder if it will be something that I could write about. Lately, no…there’s not too much that inspires me as of late (my inspiration has “slipped into obscurity”, it seems…). But on the whole, I’ve discovered that there are quite a few things that happen here at Casa Izz that are interesting enough to write a quick entry about. Must be all these kids. Or maybe the bear. Or perhaps the weather. Who knows. But most of the time I do feel inspired to write about something because there is always something going on.

If I were to really think about this entry, I would have to deem it highly UNblog worthy. It really isn’t blog worthy in the least. Afterall, my main objective here is to show all of you, my readers (yes, all three of you…although we’re up to a whopping ten today!) how witty I am and how well I write. Well, guess what? I’m neither witty nor am I a good writer. I’m just an average person who seems to have an anything but average life at times.

So here we are at 50. That’s a good number, I think. Many interesting people are 50, or are going to be soon. And it’s half of a hundred. That’s a lot. And still I have people who read on a daily basis. Who wudda thunk. Happy 50th post to me…and here’s to 50 more….that is if my inspiration somehow miraculously surfaces from the obscurity that it has sunk to.