to take the plunge into writing for something much more substantial than just a blog. I know, it seems weird. I’m probably the last person who could even do it well. But here I am, seriously considering it anyway. All this on the heels of my sabbatical too. Darn it all…and sophistication was almost within my reach. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do…write for periodicals or a book or SOMETHING . And I think it’s time to just do it, and forget that I’ve lost my inspiration. I’ll still write here…this is where the idea took more form anyway. Plus it’s where I bounce my ideas around and actually write something that can be read (well, sort of). I doubt I’ll be able to do that elsewhere.

Wish me luck…maybe, if I am indeed lucky, I’ll be able to actually come up with something to submit to a periodical that I’ve been wanting to submit something to for a while. I’ve just lacked the moxie thus far. And the inspiration. But I’m working on that.