September 2007

Not a huge post here…so don’t expect tremendous amounts of wit and wisdom. I’m just happy that I’m having one of my favourite things for dinner, rather than something totally gross…like Tacos…nasty, vile things that they are. They really ought to be abolished. In my perfect world…I know, I know…you already know. We’d all be impatient birds that no nothing about such things as tacos. Forget I said anything. On with my story!

Tonight’s fare is lasagne…but not just ANY lasagne. Vegetarian lasagne! Afterall, today is Friday, and we don’t do meat on Fridays. But that’s good for me, because then I don’t have to indulge in some meat laden dinner that I find somewhat revolting but have to eat anyway because I must always strive to be a good example to my children (stop that snickering!). So yes, tonight it’s Vegetarian Lasagne. And I couldn’t be more pleased, despite the fact that quite a few here at Casa Izz are anything but fond of it. Too bad for them…I had to endure tacos for almost every child’s birthday this past year.

The thing that made this one a little more interesting was that I had help from an unexpected source today. Christopher, who is 16, loves to eat. Italian food is one of his favourites, but alas, not Vegetarian Lasagne. Poor thing….he really must attempt to expand his palate a bit…but anyway. Where was I? Oh right…dinner. Christopher was assigned to help me with dinner tonight, much to his chagrin. You see, he loves to eat, but not necessarily prepare that which is eaten. Unfortunately for him, I am of the thinking that a son should very well know how to cook more than boiled water when he leaves the nest and forges out on his own. Why on earth should his wife have to do it ALL?? So, I tell him to put the water on and I am met with a blank stare (SIGH!). I had forgotten that I’m pretty much starting from scratch here. I tell him to get a pot…which one? he asks. Alright…forget about starting from scratch…I’m still buying ingredients. I find the pot for him, tell him to fill it with water so we can cook the noodles. He’s an obedient boy, to a fault. It’s a good thing I came back in 15 minutes later or else we wouldn’t have been eating tonight…he filled up the pot, but didn’t turn it on…you see, I neglected to say “turn on the burner”. One must wonder how he thought the noodles were actually going to cook. Maybe I’m still searching for a store that even sells the ingredients. SIGH! again. I turn on the water, and start chopping up the zucchini and the mushrooms (you really can’t have Vegetarian Lasagne without those key ingredients), getting them ready for sautéing. In walks Christopher…”I’m supposed to KEEP helping?” Well, yeah, duh. That’s what helping in the kitchen means.

In the end, he proved to be an asset rather than a hindrance, thank goodness. He helped me get the noodles into the pot after the water (finally!) started to boil (there is a technique involved in this so you don’t end up with a unrecognisable mass of noodle-like substance rather than wonderfully separate noodles, and my young apprentice was shown this very important technique). He helped me layer the noodles into the pan (one for the pan, and two for him…), and then took the Ricotta/spaghetti sauce mixture and layered it onto the veggie mixture that I had already put on. Then he put on the Mozzarella layer while I scooped out some extra sauce onto each layer. It was indeed helpful, and I am grateful for his help. Dinner would have been even later than it is without him.

That about sums it up…my favourite dinner, with help from the son who hates lasagne (despite his love of Italian…go figure). Maybe at some point I’ll type out a recipe. But for now, as my timer is going off, I’m going to enjoy my lasagne because I’m sure I won’t have it again for the next 6 months or so. You see, I am a benevolent mother and don’t inflict hated dinners upon my children as much as I should. Instead, I allow them to inflict their vile fare upon me…vile fare, I might add, that I cook. Hmmm…perhaps I’m too benevolent.



The poetry section, as is my blog in general, is a work in progress. I really do think that there will always be more to add to it, but for now it is as complete as I can make it. I do know there are many, many other poets that have not been given their due…Shakespeare being the most noticeable at least to me. But time constraints and family duties prevent me from setting forth and finding just the right webpage to represent each poet that I love. Some of the ones there aren’t the best, but merely the best I could find in the time allowed to me. I would love to be pickier….perhaps one day I will take the time to be. But for now, I’ll leave it at that.

If any of you have other poets that you feel should be included in the “Poetry” blogroll, and you also have a really great site that has their complete poetical works right there, please feel free to pass that information along. No one said this work in progress has to specifically be MY work in progress, right? 😉

This is a wonderful poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins which is very appropriate for the season.

SUMMER ends now; now, barbarous in beauty, the stooks aris
Around; up above, what wind-walks! what lovely behaviour
Of silk-sack clouds! has wilder, wilful-wavier
Meal-drift moulded ever and melted across skies?
I walk, I lift up, I lift up heart, eyes,
Down all that glory in the heavens to glean our Saviour;
And, éyes, heárt, what looks, what lips yet gave you a
Rapturous love’s greeting of realer, of rounder replies?
And the azurous hung hills are his world-wielding shoulder
Majestic—as a stallion stalwart, very-violet-sweet!—
These things, these things were here and but the beholder
Wanting; which two when they once meet,
The heart rears wings bold and bolder
And hurls for him, O half hurls earth for him off under his feet.

I wanted to reciprocate the kindness that Lily over at Never Fading Wood gave me, and give her some good PR. Her blog is the newest addition to the ever increasing blog roll here at Flosculi, and I’m very proud to have it there. Her blog is wonderfully delightful, and well worth the time to read. As she said there, we know each other “elsewhere” but this is the first I’ve known about her blog, and it’s really a great way to “get to know” someone. I’ve found that most people tell far more about themselves in this medium, and I’m thrilled to be able to learn more about her.

I’m hoping that Lily’s blog will be the first of many in my “More Favourite Blogs” category, but for now, she’s the showcase blog (yay, Lily!!! LOL!). Go check her out!

I’m wondering if perhaps this type of a post should become a regular thing…showcasing a particular blog that I like or whatever. Hmmm…..something to consider. My biggest problem is that I’m not a “blogger” per se…I don’t know of many blogs at this point because I’m really not online as much as one might think (I write almost everything on my blog via Word and then cut and paste later when I’m actually online). Anyway, something to ponder while I get the little guys…oh wait! it’s little guy now! I only have one that takes naps! Where did the time go??…the little guy to sleep for his nap! 😉 TTFN!

are meant to be roasted before grinding up and brewing. Just thought I should put that out there, in case any of you happen upon some green coffee beans, buy them, bring them home, clean out your coffee pot in anticipation of brewing (which is highly recommended, by the way, if your coffee pot takes over an hour to brew…yes, I know this from experience), grind the lovely looking green beans in your regular electric grinder, only to find that they won’t grind up in that thing and when you try the grinder makes an unearthly noise that almost bursts your eardrums, put them into the hand grinder and grind them for what seems like an hour because for some reason they seem to be made of granite or something and won’t grind, put them into the filter, then start brewing…only to find a pot full of greenish liquid that tastes interestingly similar to asparagus, and is generally vile and not fit to drink. Another important thing to remember is that before jumping into a new coffee adventure…especially when you’re running on very little sleep and attempting to stay away at least long enough to get the children into bed…you should know all the facts before you jump. Because if you don’t, you may have to reap what you sow…or in this case, drink what you have brewed. Either way you’re left with an entire pot of icky green goo that even your worst enemy shouldn’t be forced to drink. Yes, I am very sad right now. It’s a good thing that I cleaned my coffee pot, because now I have get out the good old “Witches Brew” from Jim’s Coffee (great stuff by the way…and it comes already roasted!) and make a fresh pot. It should be done in record time, at least in comparison to yesterday when it took an hour and a half to brew a pot of coffee. Vinegar totally rocks!

Off I go, to brew a real pot of coffee…armed with a new bit of knowledge, and a drain full of green goo.

Today, the pirates be runnin’ amok as the good ship Izz sets course to set sail for the open seas! Arrrrr! Swab the deck, ye scurvy dog! We be preparing fer departure!

What am I going on about? Today is 19 September, otherwise known to us pirate types as International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s the day to let your inner pirate loose and order those you are not fond of to walk the plank. Here at Casa Izz, we take this international holiday quite seriously…we only speak in Pirate, the kids are all dressed up, and even Éamon is getting into it as he greets everyone he sees with an “Arrrr, Matey!” I, of course, get to be Capn’ Izz (or Capn’ Mom…depending upon who you are talking to), me bein’ the lucky Pirate that I be. And iff’n anyone be actin’ like a bilge rat, they be walkin’ the plank, they be! Right into Davy Jones’ locker!

So go get some bandanas, maybe an eyepatch or two, and play pirates today. Your kids will love you for it. Your co-workers may not be quite as enthusiastic, but at least ye’ll have a grand time tellin’ em to swab the deck! ARRRRRRR!!!!!

And for a bit of fun…what be your Pirate name?

Mine is, very appropriately:

First Mate Maria Lindsey the Pegleg Heart

If you feel like it, respond here and tell us all what your Pirate name is! Happy Pirating!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

It’s been a glorious day here today. Since we’re still not feeling all that great anyway, school was kind of more laid back and more outside rather than in. I am of the opinion that if you’re feeling under the weather, being outside in the sunshine is always a good thing. One of the activities we did was decided upon by the little guys in the house. Éamon was playing “Feetball” as he calls it….Football, or Soccer here in the US. He was trying to dribble the ball around the yard (he’s actually pretty good for an almost 2 year old), and it was so cute that I decided to get out the digital camera. Unfortunately, by the time I got the camera up and running (this takes me some time because I am photographically inept) he was too tired to play anymore, opting instead to go into the house for a drink. Oh well…Finbar and Séamus were still more than willing to play around, so I got a few shots in of them, which I think I’ll share here. Consider it a first…I don’t usually put forth my photographic endeavours in a public place. When I do, they are few and far between. I just can’t take a picture to save my life. So my first post with pictures of the kids that I, myself, took. Yay me!

So…without further ado, on with the show!

Here is Séamus…he’s looking at the ball like he’s not sure what to do with it.

Here is Fin, who seems to have a firm grasp on what exactly to do with it.

And Séamus again, who seems to have gotten the idea…but there is a slight problem with his pants falling down….seamuspants.jpg

Lastly, here is my picture du jour. It came out very cool, in my opinion. Joseph had decided to kick the ball to me, as I was trying to take a picture of him in action. The effect was neat. joeoops.jpg

There you go. Our day…or at least some of it, in pictures! Happy Footballing! 😉

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