No, not the funny looking boy in green tights that refuses to grow up. I’m talking about Peter Pan peanut butter. Earlier this year, there was salmonella detected in a certain lot of their peanut butter, and so ConAgra was forced to take it all off the shelves until the problem was rectified. We tend to eat quite a bit of peanut butter here at Casa Izz, and Peter Pan had always been our favourite. So when the recall was issued, I miserably eyed the 10 jars I had in the pantry, knowing full well that they had to be brought back for a refund. I did try to convince Mr Izz that we might be fine…I’d be willing to take my chances by eating it. But no, the jars were to be taken back. So off I went to the grocery store, and sorrowfully put each jar onto the Customer Service counter to receive my refund. SIGH! It was a black day, that’s for sure. At that point, there seemed to be no end to the Peter Pan ban. No one was going to carry it, and there was nothing in the news that said when…or even if it was coming back at all. More SIGHS! I thought I’d be without forever. I still shudder when I think of it.

But that was until last week. My mother in law was here, visiting with the kids, and she nonchalantly informed me that she had seen jars of Peter Pan in the peanut butter aisle at Wally World (figures they’d have it first). I was overjoyed! I was elated! I almost kissed her, I was so happy! It was the news I had been waiting to hear for months….Peter Pan was BACK!!!! YAY!

I have yet to go shopping to get a few jars (we had a lot left over from the last time I bought peanut butter), but I honestly can’t wait until I buy the first jar. The first thing I’m going to do is open the lid, take off the protective thing on top of the jar, and SMELL it. Ahhhhhh…..! Then I’m going to get a big ‘ole spoon, get a huge spoonful of peanut butter, and go into sheer ecstasy. Yes, it really will be that wonderful.

Thank you, ConAgra, for putting my favourite peanut butter back on the shelves! I think that I can even forgive you for being some monolithic capitalistic corporation because of it…at least for this week. After that, I’m sure I’ll go back to regarding you with disgust and displeasure. 😉