A true story…almost….

The day was perfect: not a cloud in the sky; warm, but not uncomfortably so; a soft breeze blowing out of the East. A perfect day for a safari. As they packed up their gear, they discussed where they should go first.

“How about the dark forest?” asked the first. he was obviously the braver of the two, despite his smaller stature, for they were under strict orders not to enter into the dark forest….by order of their superior.

“No.” answered Fin, who was the older of the two. “You know we’re not supposed to go there, or to the river bottoms.”

“I don’t know how we are supposed to find the rare copper colored Frogimissium Hopsalotum without going into the dark forest or to the river bottoms, but fine! Be a wimpy boy!” retorted the first, sticking his tongue out at Fin. Fin just rolled his eyes.

“Knock it off, Séamus. You’re always trying to get us into trouble. Just put on your helmet and let’s get going already.”

Séamus sighed heavily, put on his safari helmet, and tagged after Fin. It wasn’t that he was trying to get them into trouble, he was just looking for adventure and a bit of fun.

“Guess we won’t have any adventures today”, he grumbled under his breath. Little did he know…

They made their way across the meadow behind the camp, en route for the tall grasses of the savanna. Fin was hoping to find the elusive Frogimissium Hopsalotum near the small pond on the other side of the savanna. But it was a long way across the tall grasses, and danger lurked everywhere.

As they quietly made their way through the tall grass to the pond, Séamus heard something.

“Fin, did you hear something?” he asked, in a bit of a panic.

“Oh, it was nothing, Séamy! You’re always hearing things!”

Onward hey trekked, until they finally reached the edge of the pond.

“Here we are!” exclaimed Fin. “Now to find the rare Frogimissium Hopsalotum!”

Séamus rolled his eyes. “We would have found ten if we’d gone to the river bottoms” he muttered. Fin just ignored him and started searching. He looked under a rock…nothing. He lifted up a lily pad…still nothing. He looked in the rushes on the side of the pond…nothing again. After a half an hour of nothing, he became exasperated and plopped down onto a large rock. “This is too hard! We’re never going to find it!” he sighed.

Meanwhile, Séamus was sitting under a tree, lamenting the fact that he couldn’t go to the river bottoms, when he saw it…”Fin! I found it! The Copper Colored Frogimissium Hopsalotum!! It’s on my SHOE!!”

Fin ran over, excitedly took it off Séamus’ shoe, and put it carefully into the collection jar.

“Now we can go back to camp and add it to the collection!”

They gathered up their gear, and started to walk through the tall grass. In their excitement, they didn’t hear the footsteps following closely behind them…

“OUCH! Finbar…wait! I tripped over a rock and…FINBAR!!! RUN!!!”

Out of the grass jumped a large, orange-ish cat…”a LION!” yelled Fin, who grabbed Séamus and started to run. The camp wasn’t that far off…he could see it through the grass…

“Finbar! Séamus! It’s time for lunch!” yelled a familiar voice.

“Mom! Are we glad to see you! Wait till we tell you what happened!”

“You two didn’t go down to the creek, did you?” as she surveyed their muddy shoes. “You know that area is off limits.”

“No, Mom. We wouldn’t EVER go down there!” exclaimed Séamus. Fin gave him a look. “We went across the tall grass and found this!” said Fin.

“Wow! A tiny brownish frog! That has got to be the smallest frog I’ve ever seen” said their mom. “Make sure you let it go after lunch, ok?”

“Yeah, sure. But there’s more!! After we found the frog and were making our way back to camp…um, I mean home” (at this point, Mom smiled), “we were chased!!

“Chased? What do you mean chased??” she nervously asked as she whirled around to look into the tall grass.

“Yes!! We were chased! By a LION!!!” yelled Séamus.

Mom peered into the grass, sure she saw something,when all of a sudden the lion burst forth into the yard.

“Oh!” she replied, with a knowing smile. “A LION! You poor dears! It’s a good think I made peanut butter and Fluff for lunch, huh?”

“Yay!” they both yelled, running into the house.

“Make sure you get cleaned up first!” she yelled in, laughing quietly as she watched the lion…also known as Paws, the neighbor’s orange cat…make it’s way home.