I think the kids are getting better. Éamon took a really good nap today, with nary a cough. This is a good thing, for obvious reasons. The house is also much quieter as of the last couple of days, for it seems that the Coughing Chorus has taken up residence elsewhere…for the most part anyway. There is still a bit of hacking going on among the ranks (especially at night), but mostly things are more on the quiet side. Yay for that…maybe this means that I might get some sleep sometime soon. Yes, Éamon is still sleeping with me, and lately he has been joined by Séamus. But last night they didn’t start until after 1am with their nightly chorus…than means I got at least a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep. Happy dance!

In other news, Mr Izz had his first couple of tests in school today. He did quite a bit of studying, but the results have yet to be established. In other words, he’s not home yet, so I have no idea how he did. More on that later, when I know more. I’m kinda proud of him. It takes a lot out of him to go to school and work full time. He’s a pretty cool guy…don’t tell him I said that though.

Tomorrow is Victoria’s birthday. She’ll be 6, which means that she was born on the September 11th. It was an interesting day for me, and at one point I may sit and write the whole thing out. But that a story for another day. We’re not going to be able to celebrate anyway, because despite feeling better, we’re still not where we should be in terms of health. My mother in law wanted to come over, but she can’t if we’re sick…yadda yadda yadda. Maybe this weekend.

Poor Finbar is mad that the Teddy Bears (aka Chicago Bears…American football for anyone reading who may not be from the US) got beaten by the Thunderbolts (aka: San Diego Chargers). He said it wasn’t fair…every time the Teddy Bears got the ball, the Thunderbolts just kept following them so they couldn’t make a touchdown. They’re not supposed to be able to do that, in his opinion. Good thing he’s not a referee…

That should do it for now. Hardly the greatest posting ever, but it’ll suffice for now. I’m still kind of running on an excess of caffeine these days anyway, which seems to inhibit the thought process immensely. And make me hyper, which is never a good thing. I’m hyper enough as it is…more on top of that is a serious problem.