I have eclectic taste in music. Frequent readers of this blog will attest to the fact that I dabble in Green Day, often to the point of ad nauseam. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. My loves also include Classical, Irish Traditional, some Reggae, jazz, old standards, show tunes, classic rock, alternative…the list is large enough that I won’t bore you with the rest, but you get the idea. I suppose that saying that most music, in general, makes me very happy. It truly does. Even the sad, sappy stuff. I love it all.

Much of what I listen to isn’t received very well among the older faction of children here at Casa Izz. They’re not fond of Marley or Altan…and sure as heck could do with out Ella. And I, being the really nice mom that I am, inflict all of this upon them as often as I can…quite often to the collective groaning of the eldest 3. The rest don’t seem to have quite the aversion, and for this I am grateful. Seems I have done something right somewhere down the line. But I wasn’t aware of how much the littlest ones enjoyed my music, and actually listened to it, until just recently.

I have a playlist on my iPod entitled Only Ella. Ella Fitzgerald is a personal hero of mine (to borrow a far too used, and excessively worn out clichĂ©). I always aspired to sing like her when I was still actually singing, but my voice seemed to be made more for Italian Arias rather than the jazziness that Ella exuded. In other words, no matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t seem to emulate that sound. So I had to be contented to merely listening, and only singing along when no one else was around to hear. But anyway, back to my playlist. I do like to put this playlist on from time to time, and bebop around the kitchen. One of the tunes on it is “A Tisket, A Tasket”…one of her more famous ones. The kids really do love that one, for whatever reason. Maybe it reminds them of the nursery rhyme or something, but when it’s on, they like to dance right along with me. We have a grand time, too. But I didn’t think they really knew who it was singing until recently.

Switching gears here a bit…the kids really love that silly show, The Backyardagins. When it’s on, it’ll calm down even the unruliest child in the house…at least for the half an hour that the show lasts. This is good for me…while I hate to utilise the television in that way (as a babysitter…), it’s nice to have something that can keep them out of my hair while I make dinner, clean the bathroom, or type out an entry for my blog.

One day, Victoria (who turned 6 yesterday) ran into the kitchen and yelled something about the show and Uniqua (one of the characters), and Ella. I waited for her to calm down a bit before asking her to repeat herself, only in a more subdued fashion. She took a deep breath, and proceeded to tell me that they were singing Ella Fitzgerald on the Backyardagins. Hmmm…interesting. This I had to see. When I entered into the living room, I was met with this:

Now, when you first listen to the clip, she’s singing, and the song is quite similar to Ella’s “A Tisket, A Tasket”, but she really doesn’t sound like her. But as you get further into it, you can tell that she’s jazzing it up, “Ella style” in a big way. I was hardily impressed…first that the producers of the show were drawing upon music such as that for their program, but also that my daughter actually knew who the character was imitating. After it was over, Victoria said “That one is my favorite Backyardigans”. I asked her why, and she responded “Because it sounds just like Ella Fitzgerald, and I love her!” Yes…it seems that the apple really doesn’t fall all that far. And it’s good to know that the next time I turn on the “Only Ella” playlist, I’ll have at least one other Ella fan listening, despite the protests of those less enlightened.