Today, the pirates be runnin’ amok as the good ship Izz sets course to set sail for the open seas! Arrrrr! Swab the deck, ye scurvy dog! We be preparing fer departure!

What am I going on about? Today is 19 September, otherwise known to us pirate types as International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s the day to let your inner pirate loose and order those you are not fond of to walk the plank. Here at Casa Izz, we take this international holiday quite seriously…we only speak in Pirate, the kids are all dressed up, and even Éamon is getting into it as he greets everyone he sees with an “Arrrr, Matey!” I, of course, get to be Capn’ Izz (or Capn’ Mom…depending upon who you are talking to), me bein’ the lucky Pirate that I be. And iff’n anyone be actin’ like a bilge rat, they be walkin’ the plank, they be! Right into Davy Jones’ locker!

So go get some bandanas, maybe an eyepatch or two, and play pirates today. Your kids will love you for it. Your co-workers may not be quite as enthusiastic, but at least ye’ll have a grand time tellin’ em to swab the deck! ARRRRRRR!!!!!

And for a bit of fun…what be your Pirate name?

Mine is, very appropriately:

First Mate Maria Lindsey the Pegleg Heart

If you feel like it, respond here and tell us all what your Pirate name is! Happy Pirating!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day