are meant to be roasted before grinding up and brewing. Just thought I should put that out there, in case any of you happen upon some green coffee beans, buy them, bring them home, clean out your coffee pot in anticipation of brewing (which is highly recommended, by the way, if your coffee pot takes over an hour to brew…yes, I know this from experience), grind the lovely looking green beans in your regular electric grinder, only to find that they won’t grind up in that thing and when you try the grinder makes an unearthly noise that almost bursts your eardrums, put them into the hand grinder and grind them for what seems like an hour because for some reason they seem to be made of granite or something and won’t grind, put them into the filter, then start brewing…only to find a pot full of greenish liquid that tastes interestingly similar to asparagus, and is generally vile and not fit to drink. Another important thing to remember is that before jumping into a new coffee adventure…especially when you’re running on very little sleep and attempting to stay away at least long enough to get the children into bed…you should know all the facts before you jump. Because if you don’t, you may have to reap what you sow…or in this case, drink what you have brewed. Either way you’re left with an entire pot of icky green goo that even your worst enemy shouldn’t be forced to drink. Yes, I am very sad right now. It’s a good thing that I cleaned my coffee pot, because now I have get out the good old “Witches Brew” from Jim’s Coffee (great stuff by the way…and it comes already roasted!) and make a fresh pot. It should be done in record time, at least in comparison to yesterday when it took an hour and a half to brew a pot of coffee. Vinegar totally rocks!

Off I go, to brew a real pot of coffee…armed with a new bit of knowledge, and a drain full of green goo.