The poetry section, as is my blog in general, is a work in progress. I really do think that there will always be more to add to it, but for now it is as complete as I can make it. I do know there are many, many other poets that have not been given their due…Shakespeare being the most noticeable at least to me. But time constraints and family duties prevent me from setting forth and finding just the right webpage to represent each poet that I love. Some of the ones there aren’t the best, but merely the best I could find in the time allowed to me. I would love to be pickier….perhaps one day I will take the time to be. But for now, I’ll leave it at that.

If any of you have other poets that you feel should be included in the “Poetry” blogroll, and you also have a really great site that has their complete poetical works right there, please feel free to pass that information along. No one said this work in progress has to specifically be MY work in progress, right? 😉