I wanted to reciprocate the kindness that Lily over at Never Fading Wood gave me, and give her some good PR. Her blog is the newest addition to the ever increasing blog roll here at Flosculi, and I’m very proud to have it there. Her blog is wonderfully delightful, and well worth the time to read. As she said there, we know each other “elsewhere” but this is the first I’ve known about her blog, and it’s really a great way to “get to know” someone. I’ve found that most people tell far more about themselves in this medium, and I’m thrilled to be able to learn more about her.

I’m hoping that Lily’s blog will be the first of many in my “More Favourite Blogs” category, but for now, she’s the showcase blog (yay, Lily!!! LOL!). Go check her out!

I’m wondering if perhaps this type of a post should become a regular thing…showcasing a particular blog that I like or whatever. Hmmm…..something to consider. My biggest problem is that I’m not a “blogger” per se…I don’t know of many blogs at this point because I’m really not online as much as one might think (I write almost everything on my blog via Word and then cut and paste later when I’m actually online). Anyway, something to ponder while I get the little guys…oh wait! it’s little guy now! I only have one that takes naps! Where did the time go??…the little guy to sleep for his nap! šŸ˜‰ TTFN!