Not a huge post here…so don’t expect tremendous amounts of wit and wisdom. I’m just happy that I’m having one of my favourite things for dinner, rather than something totally gross…like Tacos…nasty, vile things that they are. They really ought to be abolished. In my perfect world…I know, I know…you already know. We’d all be impatient birds that no nothing about such things as tacos. Forget I said anything. On with my story!

Tonight’s fare is lasagne…but not just ANY lasagne. Vegetarian lasagne! Afterall, today is Friday, and we don’t do meat on Fridays. But that’s good for me, because then I don’t have to indulge in some meat laden dinner that I find somewhat revolting but have to eat anyway because I must always strive to be a good example to my children (stop that snickering!). So yes, tonight it’s Vegetarian Lasagne. And I couldn’t be more pleased, despite the fact that quite a few here at Casa Izz are anything but fond of it. Too bad for them…I had to endure tacos for almost every child’s birthday this past year.

The thing that made this one a little more interesting was that I had help from an unexpected source today. Christopher, who is 16, loves to eat. Italian food is one of his favourites, but alas, not Vegetarian Lasagne. Poor thing….he really must attempt to expand his palate a bit…but anyway. Where was I? Oh right…dinner. Christopher was assigned to help me with dinner tonight, much to his chagrin. You see, he loves to eat, but not necessarily prepare that which is eaten. Unfortunately for him, I am of the thinking that a son should very well know how to cook more than boiled water when he leaves the nest and forges out on his own. Why on earth should his wife have to do it ALL?? So, I tell him to put the water on and I am met with a blank stare (SIGH!). I had forgotten that I’m pretty much starting from scratch here. I tell him to get a pot…which one? he asks. Alright…forget about starting from scratch…I’m still buying ingredients. I find the pot for him, tell him to fill it with water so we can cook the noodles. He’s an obedient boy, to a fault. It’s a good thing I came back in 15 minutes later or else we wouldn’t have been eating tonight…he filled up the pot, but didn’t turn it on…you see, I neglected to say “turn on the burner”. One must wonder how he thought the noodles were actually going to cook. Maybe I’m still searching for a store that even sells the ingredients. SIGH! again. I turn on the water, and start chopping up the zucchini and the mushrooms (you really can’t have Vegetarian Lasagne without those key ingredients), getting them ready for sautéing. In walks Christopher…”I’m supposed to KEEP helping?” Well, yeah, duh. That’s what helping in the kitchen means.

In the end, he proved to be an asset rather than a hindrance, thank goodness. He helped me get the noodles into the pot after the water (finally!) started to boil (there is a technique involved in this so you don’t end up with a unrecognisable mass of noodle-like substance rather than wonderfully separate noodles, and my young apprentice was shown this very important technique). He helped me layer the noodles into the pan (one for the pan, and two for him…), and then took the Ricotta/spaghetti sauce mixture and layered it onto the veggie mixture that I had already put on. Then he put on the Mozzarella layer while I scooped out some extra sauce onto each layer. It was indeed helpful, and I am grateful for his help. Dinner would have been even later than it is without him.

That about sums it up…my favourite dinner, with help from the son who hates lasagne (despite his love of Italian…go figure). Maybe at some point I’ll type out a recipe. But for now, as my timer is going off, I’m going to enjoy my lasagne because I’m sure I won’t have it again for the next 6 months or so. You see, I am a benevolent mother and don’t inflict hated dinners upon my children as much as I should. Instead, I allow them to inflict their vile fare upon me…vile fare, I might add, that I cook. Hmmm…perhaps I’m too benevolent.