Egads…I never in a million years thought I’d ever entitle a post with that lovely little ’80s flashback. I hated it then, and still do now. But if you can muddle though my post, you’ll see it’s very appropriate.

My week has been off…well, actually, the whole month of September was off, and it seems to be creeping into my October as well. I’m hopeful that since it’s only the 3rd of October, that things will calm down in time to save the month from offness, but we’ll see. At this rate it won’t, but then of course I’m not the eternal optimist I’d like to be. You see, an optimist would have said that it will absolutely get better…I’d like to say I’m merely a realist rather than a dreamy, rose-coloured glasses idealistic optimist, but in reality, I’m just a pessimist trying to disguise herself as a realist. But I’m working on it…and I’m sure that I’ll achieve optimistic perfection at some point. Not convincing? Oh well…at least I tried.

So my month…it’s off. Has been for a while, but not in a totally horrible way. Just off as in I can’t get all the things I need to get done in as timely of a manner as I’d like. The one example that seems to shine forth like a beacon on this issue is grocery shopping. Now, I’m not going to pretend that grocery shopping is something I like to do. Actually, I abhor it. I wish that I could just wiggle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched and just have all the groceries appear so I can put them away without setting foot in a grocery store. But as I lack the necessary nose wiggle, to the grocery store I go for my weekly escapade into the mundane. Now, I usually like to do this on the same day each week…it’s easier to accept the mundane when you know it’s coming at the same time and in the same place each and every time you venture into it. But because my week/month has been off, the day I end up going tends to vary from week to week. So while I would have liked to have it all done on Monday, today ended up being my day to do the grocery shopping. Yay.

It all went off without a hitch…I took Terrence with me (and I could tell that he was exceptionally enthusiastic about the sheer prospect, let alone about the task itself), and we wheeled our cart up one aisle and down the other, collecting those things that we needed along the way. The only time we hit a snag was when I forgot to go down the first aisle (hey…it’s laid out totally weird. Sure, I shop there weekly, and should remember the layout of the darn place, but that first aisle is shorter than the rest. Anyone would have made the mistake of missing it), and then couldn’t find the dry beans and Ramen Noodles. I went down aisle #2 3 times looking for them, but of course couldn’t find them until Terrence “found” aisle #1. Of course, he found it humourous. I didn’t. Oops…I hope Mr Izz doesn’t see that part…I’ll never hear the end of how I “lost aisle #1”.

We gathered up what was on the list quickly…after the losing of aisle #1 anyway…went through the check out, packed everything into the car, and headed home. Upon reaching the door, the kids heard I was home and came running out to help bring in the bags (aren’t they wonderful?). As they brought in, I unpacked and started to put away. And with the help of a couple of Izzlets, we got all of the groceries put away quickly and somewhat efficiently. I plopped down into a chair and let out a huge sigh…the grocery shopping was done for the week. Thank goodness!

Fast forward to about 3pm when I need to start dinner. I had put the dried beans (you know, the ones from aisle #1) in to simmer as soon as I got home, so they were merrily bubbling away as I gathered up a few onions to chop up for the chili I was making for dinner tonight. I chopped, and cried….they were pretty strong onions…and put them in to sauté in my big, huge chili pot. That’s when I discovered that the ground beef I had taken out for the chili was missing. I looked on the table; I looked on the counter; I checked in the refrigerator and the freezer just to see if it had inadvertently been placed in either of those areas. Nothing. Ok…it looked like dinner was a no go for tonight (pessimism, I know…but it seemed to be pretty realistic to me. No ground beef, no chili. No chili, no dinner. Logical, don’t you think?). I was stressing big time, having the kids search the toy box and the toilet for the missing ground beef that one of the littles must have taken for some evil purpose…yes, I really was convinced. So Mr Izz gets in on the insanity and tries to get to the bottom of it in truly logical fashion. He asks where the ground beef was when we last saw it…it had been on the table. Was it on the table when we were unpacking the groceries? Ummmmm……maaayyyyyyyybe, I say, as I take Terrence aside and tell him to look in the pantry (you see, by this time I was fairly certain were the ground beef was, but I didn’t want Mr Izz to see how foolish I was, so I did this all on the sly). Next thing we know, Terrence, being the incredibly smart son that he is (ahem), comes out of the pantry with the 3 pounds of ground beef in his possession. “I wonder how it got there?” I innocently ask, looking sideways at Mr Izz, who just shook his head and went back to the office to study. So what happened? Some well intended child (or even perhaps me…I really couldn’t tell you at this point) put the ground beef into the pantry because I had said to put all of the food away in the pantry. This, of course, must have meant the ground beef, for it too is food. The “Case of the Missing Ground Beef” had been solved…and none too soon either. I had to get the rest of dinner going or else it was going to be late!

So there you have it. I’m no longer asking where the beef is, thank goodness. The chili is almost done, and the kids are more than ready to have their supper. And I’m vowing to not be so scattered as to lose 3 pounds of ground beef in the pantry every again. Of course it will work too…my optimistic outlook will ensure that (snort).