I know that we here in the good old US of A have a holiday for just about everything…not for the pursuit of days off, but in our lovely Capitalistic way, to keep the greeting card companies in the black each quarter. Typically, I choose to ignore about 99% of these faux holidays because I don’t like to subscribe to the mindset behind them. Just my little opinion on that, for what it’s worth (oops! Did you guess I’m not really a Capitalist? Shucks…). But as I was Googling around (can you believe that’s a real verb now? What is the world coming to?) just for fun, I happened upon a calendar that immortalises each and every holiday that has ever been concocted. From National English Toffee Day on 8 January, to National Chocolate Covered Anything Day on 16 December (that’s one I actually might celebrate, and with gusto! HA!). Some of them I thought were funny enough for a snerk, but most of them were just silly and not worth the time and effort to expel one. But one day in November caught my eye, and my approval…no, not National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day on the 19th. I don’t even like very many carbonated beverages with caffeine. The day I’m speaking of is 28 November, which apparently has been forever dubbed as “National French Toast Day. Now, anyone who has been reading my blog from it’s beginnings (not that it has been all that long, but there are at least a few posts to wade through until you make it back that far) knows that our weekly French Toast Day is like a ritual here at Casa Izz. Every Saturday we have French Toast with bacon and real maple syrup. It’s something the kids look forward to each week (wouldn’t you if weekly fare consisted mostly of oatmeal and cream of wheat?), and our days are quite often measured by how far away from “French Toast Day” they are. So finding out that there is a national holiday devoted to this anything but French dish was very important to me. It’s something we really ought to celebrate here at Casa Izz….I’m not going to go so far as to send out greeting cards (sorry Hallmark), but we’re going to do it up even though it falls on a Wednesday. French Toast Day on a Wednesday…it should be fun. If anything it will confuse the heck out of the kids. They won’t know what day it is for at least a week. That should be humourous at best, don’t you think?

Cool thing? Yeah, it was. I can’t wait to tell the kids. They may be almost as excited as they are for International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Off I go to write it down on the calendar!