It’s been an off week (alright, we did this one…I don’t need to get into it again). Today (as we drift into afternoon hours) seems to be the pinnacle of that offness, with the day just spinning out of control and me feeling like pulling my hair out would greatly improve things. I don’t really feel too much like writing, but they say that writing helps. So as I sit here at my computer, attempting to extract ideas from my brain (they’re in there pretty well it seems), I’m finding that nothing of note is really forthcoming at all. At least, nothing that I could possibly put into written form. This is where this becomes a pictorial essay. Putting my day into words is elusive at best. And more than likely would be excessively boring to anyone who decides to meander over to my little blog to read it. In other words, since I don’t feel much like writing anyway, but I’m feeling like I should feel like writing, I’ve decided to go about it in a completely different way. I’m doing it in pictures! This should be fun, don’t you think? Let’s get started….

Picture one: What I feel like doing right now

Picture two: What I should be wearing

Picture three: Where I more than likely should be living right about now (although I really don’t fancy shaving my head for the occasion…and I really think that other colours rather than just white would be so much nicer. Pink would be nice, don’t you think?)

Picture four: The alternative to the above three pictures

So there you have it…how I’m feeling today, in pictures! Wasn’t that fun?