No, it’s not a typo…it truly is Soxtober here at Casa Izz. October is playoffs and then World Series month. With the Red Sox being on top the whole season, this is just fruits of all the work our boys put into the regular season. We deserve this…the Sox are going to win the pennant, and of course this is OUR year. The Series is ours (see how positive I can think in regards to important matters such as baseball and my beloved Sox?)!

The first two games of the series with the Angels were great. In game one, Beckett was totally in the zone. There was no way the Angels were going to get past him and his greatness that night. Of course, his having the absolute greatest catcher in the whole of the MLB didn’t hurt (have I mentioned my infatuation with Jason Varitek? SIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!). All in all, it was a great game.

Game two was a bit harder to come up with the win, but my man Manny came through (just like I thought he would) with a 3 run walk-off homer in the bottom of the 9th for the win. That’s two down…one to go for the sweep. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Then it’s on to the Indians. They may prove to be a bit more difficult. But for now they remain my “second favourite team” since they are playing the dreaded Evil Empire. Their game last night was spectacular….poor Derek “Cheater” was totally bugging out (HA!). But the Indians went on to win after 11 innings. Great, great game. This is why I love Soxtober…the baseball is fantastic. Well, not always, but this year it is. Read more about what’s going on at the Red Sox Official Site!! Well worth the time. And check out some of the Red Sox sites I have on my blog roll. These guys have really taken a lot of time to keep you up to date on the goings on with the Sox, and I highly recommend their blogs.

Not much else to say here…I’m having a feeling that both AL teams will sweep their series, and then it’s going to get even better. The match up with the Indians will be quite interesting this season. They really are hot. But I’m sure my boys won’t disappoint me this year. We’re going all the way just like we did in 2004. I’m certain of it.

Go Sox!!!

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