how, in October, your second favourite baseball team (you know, the one that’s playing the Yankees…) can become your biggest rival overnight? Today is Game 1 of the ALCS Championship. In a mere 4 games, Boston could be the AL Champions, and off to the World Series. I’m confident…yeah, the Indians will be tough, but we’re tougher, and on a roll. Bugs? Go ahead…we’re not like those wimpy Yankees. We can take all that you bring on, so go ahead and bring it!

Oh, but anyway, I wasn’t going to write a challenge to my Tribe friends. I really hold no animosity toward them…in fact, I’m forever grateful that they trounced the Evil Empire. They’re hot this season. That’s one thing I’ll give them. I just hope they don’t mind if I get my broom ready now…

My real reason for posting today (besides to say GO SOX!! BECKETT ROCKS!! ) was to share this totally classic picture. Some creative Cleveland soul took the time to make this, but I don’t know who that creative soul was. This unfortunately means that I can’t give credit where it is absolutely due. I apologise for that. But it’s good for a laugh or two, and so I’m sharing it here. It really is priceless šŸ˜‰