It’s only November! In my mind, the weather should still be balmy and warm. But this morning, as I took Mr Izz to school (story of my life these days…), it was cloudy, cold, and it was precipitating a mixed bag of goodies…first some rain, then some sleet, then some snow. SIGH! I really was hoping to get through at least until January 😛 . Yesterday, as I cooked the rice outside on the camp stove we have (don’t ask….really…you don’t want to know…), Victoria came out and asked if it was going to snow soon. I told her more than likely, but hopefully it will wait for another month or two…or three…. All of this despite the smell of snow on the chilly wind that was coming in from the north. Yes, snow really does have a smell. And it looks like I pegged it, as I always do (patting myself on the back, thank you very much). I’m just not ready. I know, I never will be, but my lack of readiness and general avarice to such things as snow and cold really ought to be taken into consideration before they are inflicted upon us all.

The other thing that’s annoying me today is the whole “holiday season” thing. Why on earth do we start with this madness so early? Do I really need to be thinking about Thanksgiving, let alone Christmas, before Halloween? I don’t think so. And yet, as I watch my telly or listen to my radio, I am bombarded with commercials laden with the sounds of sleigh bells and random “ho ho ho”‘s. I swear it gets earlier every year.

I think that if we banish snow and cold until around…hmmm, let’s see….the middle of December perhaps, then maybe we’ll be able to circumvent the whole “holiday season” garbage. It won’t be cold enough for sleighs, therefore no sleigh bells, and there won’t be snow, so no one will want to think about ho ho ho’ing. And I’ll get a bit of peace and quiet on the holiday front, along with good weather for longer. Sounds good, don’t you think? Unfortunately, given the fact that I live in the frozen tundra which is the North Country, neither of these things is going to happen any time soon. Which only means I’m going to have to find my boots, which are still packed away…somewhere in some box in some void which no one in their right mind would ever enter. Except me, of course. But only because I hate cold feet.