Not too long ago, I received an email from a dear friend of mine (you know who you are, Michele 😉 ). She was lamenting the fact that I hadn’t posted anything new in quite some time, and she needed her “fix” so to speak. She’s right…as of late posting on the blog hasn’t been priority numero uno. Life, as I know it, has been crazy…yeah, I know, I always say it’s crazy here at Casa Izz. But even the regular craziness is crazier than usual. That really is saying something.

Much of this has to do with my time being filled with homeschooling, errands, housework, meal preparation, etc. Most of this is normal, everyday stuff, but it seems that the homeschooling has become very time consuming. I know it sounds like I’m saying that with a tinge of bitterness, but I’m not. I like the fact that I’m busy. I really do hate having large amount of time where there doesn’t seem to be something to do that’s useful. I feel lazy when there is. But regardless, I still seem to have very little time for anything else….and it seems that my blog has come in dead last in my list of “Priorities”. I do feel sorry for that in a way, for it does seem that there are a few of you (at least one!) that actually like what I have to say. I must admit I’m a bit floored to hear that, but I’m also a bit excited that I seem to have somewhat of a fan base. Makes me feel famous or something. HA!

So, anyway….here I am writing at the request of my friend Michele, hence my subject line. I do know that for the past couple of weeks, I’ve had quite a few ideas bouncing around in my head wanting to be fleshed out in a more tangible form. And normally I would sit down in a comfy place (preferable one that is warm!) and jot my ideas into my writing journal. But obviously that hasn’t happened any time recently. So the ideas are building up, and bouncing into each other at a tremendous rate. Boing, boing, boing! It’s enough to give you a headache. Which only means I really ought to try to get them down onto paper. Time, why dost thou alludest me?

Now I must be off, to knead the bread so it’s done in time for dinner. You see? There never is time. Although, perhaps if I forgo my reading of Plato’s Republic, I might have more time to post here. We’ll see….