I hate the telephone. It’s one of those “necessities of life” that I wish my life did not necessitate. I cringe when it rings, and cringe even more when it is I that has to answer it. I would even go so far as to pull a “Mr Izz” and chuck the darn thing out the window (technology be damned! HA!), if I didn’t need it hooked up for emergencies…like my mother in law calling to say she is on her way over (where is that picture of “The Scream” I posted a while ago?).

Now, having said all of that, there are times I don’t mind having a phone. I have been known to actually call people…to CHAT (yes, I do tend to be a bit anti-social…thank you for noticing)!! It doesn’t happen often, as long distance friends and family can attest, but it does indeed happen. Also, I am blessed with one of the quietest phones on the planet. I have been to peoples’ houses where their phone rings incessantly…I’m lucky (lucky!…snort!) if mine rings more than twice a day. For that I am truly grateful. And really, about twice a day is the norm. Usually. Most of the time. But not yesterday. Yesterday was like living in Grand Central Station, with my phone ringing off the hook…my poor phone almost went into shock with all the activity! Amazingly, the umpteen phone calls I received were primarily from the same number (I really do love Caller-ID!). Whom, you might ask, would call me over and over again…forcing me into a temporary state of madness? If you guessed TELEMARKETERS, you’d be absolutely correct. Telemarketers are the bane of my existence, and a goodly portion of why I hate the telephone to begin with. I am a busy person, and I really do not have time to attempt to tell someone trying to sell me something that I am not interested, especially when you know they aren’t going to listen and keep going with their lovely little sales pitch anyway. My problem is that I’m not rude enough to just hang up (perhaps smart enough would be better?)…I always feel badly because I know they are just doing their jobs. So I listen and say I’m not interested…listen some more, and say I’m not interested…listen some more; it goes on and on. After about 15 minutes or so, the person on the other end usually gets the idea that I’m really not interested, and promptly hangs up on me (talk about rude!!). 15 minutes of wasted time on both our parts. Typically, this scenario isn’t the one that plays out, though, because with Caller-ID (have I mentioned how much I love Caller-ID?), I always have a good idea when it’s a telelmarketer and just don’t answer. 15 minutes saved is 15 minutes earned…or something like that. And since they only call once, maybe twice, it only is a nuisance for about a minute until they finally hang up. Until yesterday, that is.

The day started like it always does: breakfast, clean up, then school. The first call came around 9am as we were starting Math. I looked at the Caller-ID, just in case it was someone important….let me clarify that part a bit here. Most people know I homeschool, so they don’t call during school hours unless it’s important. Got it? Good…it ended up being my mother, so I answered thinking something was up. I was met with “I called the other night, and you were out to dinner with Mr Izz (no she doesn’t really call him that 😉 )!!!! What’s wrong?? (rolling eyes….) I’d go there and explain all of that, but really, I just don’t want to right now….back to my story.

I got off the phone with her, and back to the Math lesson, and the phone rings again. This time it was a number I didn’t recognise, so I didn’t answer. This first call was only the beginning…I was interrupted at least 5 times during the course of morning lessons. I did answer a couple of times, mostly because since I wasn’t totally sure it was a telemarketer since it was only a number I was unfamiliar with…I started to panic a bit thinking that the sheer number of calls in a relatively short amount of time must mean some sort of emergency. But the couple of times I did answer, I was met with the characteristic “silence” for a few seconds. As soon as I hear that with any call, I hang up for it’s a safe bet it’s a call I don’t want to deal with.

By the time we went through afternoon lessons and dinner, we’d had about 5 more calls from that same number. Now I’m livid, and if I had one of those blasted operators in front of me, let me just say it wouldn’t be pretty. But since I didn’t have that opportunity, I vowed that the next time they called, they’d get an earful…and when they called during the supper dishes, that is exactly what the woman who called got. She started with her spiel, and I immediately lit into her. I told her that I’ve had a least 10 phone calls from his “company” today alone. I am on the Do Not Call list and since I have never had dealings with this company before, if they call again, I absolutely would report the number. The woman was silent for a second (quite a feat with a telemarketer! I was impressed with myself!), then she proceeded to ask me if I were Sarah So-and-so. I said no, very emphatically I might add, and she then asked if Sarah So-and-so lived here at my residence. I again said no, to which she responded in a very mock sappy, and very rude sounding voice: “Greeeaaaaat! That’s all we needed to know! You have a greeeaaaat day!!” and then she hung up. Her attitude was deplorable, in my opinion. I realise this is her job, but people should know whether or not the company they work for engage in questionable tactics or not if they expect people to treat them with respect. Harassment…and that is exactly what this was…is not correct for any reason. I had every right to be irate, and if you don’t want to deal with irritated people, don’t work for a company who knowingly engages in such practises. In my opinion, I was far too nice. I really cannot understand why they are allowed to behave like this…but anyway…

I will say that my irritation seems to have paid off thus far…no phone calls today! Deo Gratias! I really do hope this trend continues. I really don’t want to deal with the continual ringing again…it may just result in a telephone flying out the window.