Yes…that is exactly what I have been guilty of as of late. Delinquency. When I first starting this blog, my goal was to write a post a day. That goal, obviously, has fallen by the wayside as I work on a blogless second month. It’s not that I have a lack of things to write about. It’s just I never seem to find the time. Time, where hast thou gone?

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at my computer trying to play a horribly elusive jig…Geese in the Bog (I’m still kind of wondering why they need to be in the bog to begin with…wouldn’t on the lake be better? I’m sure it would have come much more quickly had it been a lake. Or a river. Or a pond….anything but a bog. Oh well….I’ve ventured off topic again, haven’t I? SIGH! ). My window was open, and a soft breeze was blowing through, bringing with it the most wonderful fragrance of lilacs from the bushes in the yard. For about 5 minutes, I stopped playing and just savoured the delicious smell…I’m certain that if heaven has a smell, it would closely resemble lilacs. It was truly glorious, and I really was wishing I could bottle the smell in a jar, and open it at my leisure. But now, like the time, they too have passed very quickly. It’s amazing how one moment I’m sitting and taking in the wondrous scent and the next it’s gone. Just like how time seems to be zipping by with such rapidity that it seems like only yesterday I wrote a post here. SIGH!

I suppose I’m a bit dismayed at how quickly things are going. My eldest is now 18, learning how to drive and will soon be off on her own adventures. My baby is 2…talking and acting so much like a big boy; his babyishness has gone by the wayside, much like his elder brother’s did not too long ago…or was it far longer? I think I’ve lost track.

Amidst all of this, a dream of mine that has been long in coming is finally coming true. Next week, I will be boarding an airplane bound for Dublin, Ireland. This is one area in which I’m very glad that time is flying as quickly as it is. I’ve waited for this my entire life, and now it’s almost here. I can hardly contain my excitement…I tend to dance around the house quite a bit in anticipation, and break into some Irish tune or another at the oddest times. The kids think I’m weird, I’m sure, but that’s what they’re supposed to think anyway, right? 😉 In this case, all I can say is it’s about time! I’ve waited a lifetime after all…

I’m not sure what else to say. I have Izzlets trying to talk to me every few seconds, which of course is ruining my already compromised train of thought. I do feel badly that it’s taken so long for me to write. I have a few things banging around in my head that I’d like to sit and write about. Soon…..hopefully. But rest assured that when I do return from my trip, I’ll have a plethora of material to put into written form and enthrall my audience which I’m sure have been waiting with bated breath for my next posting. Well…maybe not, but I know I’ll have loads to say by then. If only I can find the time….aye, there’s the rub….