July 2010

I’m not one who relishes tests and quizzes. I tend to stress BIG time, as my French professor can attest (“Why are you so stressed? You will get an A on this one just the the other ones. Oh la la! you are so silly!!” 😉 ). My palms get all sweaty, my stomach feels like it’s going to flip and flop it’s way out completely, and my heart pounds like a bass drum during a Sousa march. It really is pathetic, especially since I typically do get A’s on everything (my French professor wasn’t fibbing). Maybe I get A’s because of the stress? That must be it. Leave it to me to find a way around the pathetic nature of it all. I’m just glad I have the summer off to recuperate. Well, I did have the summer. And this is where my story starts…I know, took me long enough. I wish I would stress out over my lack of brevity once in a while 😛
SO, a couple of nights ago, we were sitting having dinner. We do this pretty much every night, so that isn’t really an interesting tidbit. I sit at the “foot” of the table, so I get to have two Izzlets….usually the smaller variety of Izzlet…on either side. On this particular evening, I was flanked my Séamus and Éamon, the Dynamic Duo of Casa Izz. They were chatting away at me, and I tried to listen to both of them as I made sure they had what they needed in terms of food and drink; I’m a good mom, what can I say. Apparently, in the midst of the chatting, they decided to compare their mathematical prowesses.
“What’s 3+3, Éamon?” asks Séamus.
Éamon becomes thoughtful, and then looks at me.
“It’s six” I tell him, and he smiles and gives Séamus the answer.
The fact that I told Éamon doesn’t escape Séamus’ notice, so he decides to start interrogating me.
“What’s 6+6, Mom?” he asks, with an air of superiority.
“It’s 12, Séamus.”
“What’s 20+20??”
“What’s 100+100???” At this point, you can tell he’s convinced I won’t know. I mean, we’re dealing with pretty big numbers now.
“It’s 200” and he just looks at me wide eyed.
“Ok then” he says, and you can almost hear the wheels turning in his head, as he comes up with something super hard to ask. “What’s a million plus a million?” he asks, with a bit of awe in his voice. Now he’s broken out the big guns. He smirks at me, knowing I couldn’t possibly know the answer to this one. I mean, one million is the hugest number ever. Only the smartest people should know the answer to such an equation. And since I can see that whole line of reasoning in his eyes, I pause for a moment to “think”, that way he at least thinks it’s hard for me to come up with an answer.
“2 million,” I respond, after a moment or two of dramatic pausing. Both Séamus and Éamon just stare at me, mouths open wide with surprise and awe. Yes, awe.
“WOW!!!! She’s SMART!!” whispers Séamus, and Éamon nods eagerly in agreement.
Yeah, I basked in that moment of sheer awesomeness. I could have told them how easy an equation it was, but I liked the fact I was super smart in their eyes at that moment. So, I didn’t say a word. I’m sure they discussed how much of a “Super Genius” I was when they went to bed, and I like that fact. And for the next few days, I’ll retain that status….at least until they’re bold again and I have to yell at them. I don’t want to know what they’re saying then. So, I’ll milk this one for as long as I can.
I can honestly say I didn’t have an attack of nerves at all during that “quiz”. I was calm and self assured throughout the entire ordeal. My French professor would have been proud of me. Maybe if her quizzes were just as easy, I wouldn’t have to annoy her with my stress this fall. I’ll have to talk to her about that…


It’s time again for another “Izzy’s Top 5”! 🙂 This time, I thought I would give the 5 best songs to dance to while working in the kitchen. Many of you might be wondering, why in the kitchen? Why not just the 5 best dance songs in general. Well, for one, I’m not fond of doing a “general” of anything. Typically that kind of topic is done and overdone, and I don’t need to add to that overdonedness. Secondly, I practically live in my kitchen. Seriously, I do. When you have to cook 3 meals a day for an army (well…maybe not an ARMY, but almost), you might as well put a cot into the kitchen and be prepared to stay there for a long while. I’ve worn a path on my floor with all the walking around the table I have to do on a daily basis. And I have permanent foot prints in front of the stove. I’ll take a picture at some point to prove it. But for now, you’re going to have to be content in just taking my word for that. Suffice to say, I spend a great deal of time in my kitchen. And since I spend a great deal of time in my kitchen, I also spend a great deal of time listening to music in there….which only means I do an awful lot of dancing around in there, aswell. Dinner just doesn’t quite taste right if I haven’t done some dancing around whilst stirring.
This brings me to my Top 5 topic du jour: Izzy’s Top 5 songs to dance to while working in the kitchen. If you don’t work in a kitchen, don’t despair! You can dance to these anywhere. I’m pretty sure it’ll work….I haven’t tried it out, since I rarely leave my kitchen, but you can try. And then let me know how it works out for you. We can make a study of it! But on to my Top 5:

Song #5:
Bob Marley – Three Little Birds
Ok, who can’t help but dance around to this one? It’s not fast, but it’s just perfect for stirring spaghetti sauce to. And with a couple glasses of wine to go with it, I’m not worrying about a thing… 😉

Song #4:
ABBA – Take a Chance on Me
No top 5 songs to dance to while working in the kitchen would be complete with out a little ABBA…and here is the first installment of that. ABBA songs have the BEST beat, and when their music is playing, you have to dance. It’s almost like a law or something. But it’s best to not be doing something like cooking when this is on….I usually dance around to this one while mopping. I never knew how great of a partner that darn mop could really be. Who knew all those weirdos in the movies had it right all along.

Song #3:
The Dubliners – Rocky Road to Dublin
This one is TOO fun to dance to, even just in general (yeah, I did say it, but we’ll just pretend I didn’t). But for some reason it’s way more fun in the kitchen. Sometimes I get the elder female Izzlets to dance with me, and I try to jig around like they do…it doesn’t typically work, though., so I end up content just dancing like a fool.

Song #2:
ABBA – Dancing Queen
Not including this one is practically a criminal offense. The name says it all. It’s much more fun when you can get wee ones into it with you. But beware!..when you do get others into the fun, the dancing never limits itself to just the kitchen. So if you’re wanting to keep it in one place, it’s best to do this one alone.

And last but not least!!!!!
Song #1:
The Bothy Band – Various stuff
I was going to put their Jig and Five Reels up, but I couldn’t find it on YouTube. I think I do the most dancing to this (including much of what’s on the YouTube clip, so all is not lost!!). There is just something about jigs and reels….my feet just start moving, and the next thing you know, I’m dancing on the table. Oh wait….that’s something else entirely. Forget that last bit. But I do dance all over creation when the Bothy Band is jigging out on my iPod.

This list is hardly complete, but it’s still worthy of an Izzy’s Top 5. These songs and tunes have brought me much joy, and I’m convinced they make my meals much more palatable. A bit of advice…if you are self-conscious about dancing around with an audience (ie: your kids, your husband, your neighbours peeking into the windows), then you might want to do this when no one is around for the first few times. Then you can also sing at the top of your voice, too, without making an utter fool of yourself. Happy dancing! 🙂

Stress. It abounds here at Casa Izz. I don’t like stress, and yet here we are, practically swimming in it (and typically I do like to swim, but stress is kinda thick and icky to swim in). This week has been the worst…a merry walk into the depths of Stressdom. Where it’s dark, and damp….and HOT. Hmmm…that’s sounds a bit Inferno-esque, doesn’t it? Yeah….let’s move on.
The stress started around the time of finals, when we had company come to visit. Since then, it seems like there has been a constant flow of visitors. Family, friends, bugs, humidity…..we’re being inundated. Bombarded! It’s insane. Plus, there are comings and goings within the family in general. Both Izzlet #1 and Izzlet #2 came back from their far off lands, and are now both attending classes whilst adding themselves back into the mix here at Casa Izz. It’s been rather hectic….to say the least. And this brings us to the topic du jour. What has been going on today? Let me tell you…..in pictures!

Earlier this week two Izzlets went here:

My parents have been taking two Izzlets to Disney World, two at a time, for quite a few years now. It’s a wonderful thing for them to do, and I’m really grateful to them. This summer, however, it’s been so crazy, that this was just one more thing on my plate that I just didn’t feel like eating. They left a week ago, spent a week having a blast with Mickey Mouse, but are at this moment getting ready to fly back to my parents’ which means Mr Izz and Izzlet #1 are doing this:

…in order to pick them up and bring them home tomorrow. It will be nice to see them! 🙂 But this also means I am flying solo until they come back, which isn’t usually too bad….but this isn’t a typical week.

Here at Casa Izz, the Summer of Abject Stress is bearing down upon us big time. The combination of this:

and this:

is prompting the remaining Izzlets to do this:

and this:

This, of course, is making me do this:

and just may land me here:

But I hear things aren’t all they’re cracked up to be at the Funny Farm, so I’m trying to come up with alternate plans. I’m thinking of doing this:

to a tiny island, that looks like this:

and most specifically, a little town that looks like this:

But then, you probably already knew all about my plans, because of this little word, which I tend to resemble far too much:

So, there you go. An insight into my tortured mind today. I’m sure things will be better tomorrow. They always are. But until then, I think I’ll make myself feel better with


but not at the same time. That’s just gross.