Stress. It abounds here at Casa Izz. I don’t like stress, and yet here we are, practically swimming in it (and typically I do like to swim, but stress is kinda thick and icky to swim in). This week has been the worst…a merry walk into the depths of Stressdom. Where it’s dark, and damp….and HOT. Hmmm…that’s sounds a bit Inferno-esque, doesn’t it? Yeah….let’s move on.
The stress started around the time of finals, when we had company come to visit. Since then, it seems like there has been a constant flow of visitors. Family, friends, bugs, humidity…..we’re being inundated. Bombarded! It’s insane. Plus, there are comings and goings within the family in general. Both Izzlet #1 and Izzlet #2 came back from their far off lands, and are now both attending classes whilst adding themselves back into the mix here at Casa Izz. It’s been rather hectic….to say the least. And this brings us to the topic du jour. What has been going on today? Let me tell you… pictures!

Earlier this week two Izzlets went here:

My parents have been taking two Izzlets to Disney World, two at a time, for quite a few years now. It’s a wonderful thing for them to do, and I’m really grateful to them. This summer, however, it’s been so crazy, that this was just one more thing on my plate that I just didn’t feel like eating. They left a week ago, spent a week having a blast with Mickey Mouse, but are at this moment getting ready to fly back to my parents’ which means Mr Izz and Izzlet #1 are doing this:

…in order to pick them up and bring them home tomorrow. It will be nice to see them! 🙂 But this also means I am flying solo until they come back, which isn’t usually too bad….but this isn’t a typical week.

Here at Casa Izz, the Summer of Abject Stress is bearing down upon us big time. The combination of this:

and this:

is prompting the remaining Izzlets to do this:

and this:

This, of course, is making me do this:

and just may land me here:

But I hear things aren’t all they’re cracked up to be at the Funny Farm, so I’m trying to come up with alternate plans. I’m thinking of doing this:

to a tiny island, that looks like this:

and most specifically, a little town that looks like this:

But then, you probably already knew all about my plans, because of this little word, which I tend to resemble far too much:

So, there you go. An insight into my tortured mind today. I’m sure things will be better tomorrow. They always are. But until then, I think I’ll make myself feel better with


but not at the same time. That’s just gross.