I’m not good with grief. Right now, my heart is shattered, and all the tears I’ve shed will not glue the pieces back together.

Today, I found out that a dear friend is in the last stages of pancreatic cancer. I had no idea he was ill. so this news came as much  more than just a shock to me. I’m shaken to my very core. He was merely an ‘internet friend’ which many might think might mean it shouldn’t mean much to me. But Denny was more than that; he was a friend despite distance and never officially meeting him. He was witty and wise; he was a dear friend.

As you battle for your last moments, Denny, know that so many of us are here praying for and thinking about you in those final moments. You shall always be missed, but never forgotten. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We’re all better for having known you.