I’m a mom of 11 (yes, you did read that right), which tends to make me very busy. I currently live in the US, but am hoping to change that little fact sometime in the near-ish future. More on that at a later date.

I have a lot of likes…Irish history, the Irish language, traditional Irish music (are you sensing a trend here?). I would love to say that I’m an avid reader, but since time doesn’t usually allow for that, I’ll have to be content referring to myself as an avid reader wannabe. I also like to cook (most of the time), Italian being my favorite for the moment. This all could change at any time, however. So check back regularly.


Edit! A lot has happened since I wrote this little ‘About Me’ blurb, way back when. First of all, I can’t believe that I’ve been writing, off and on, in this little blog for about 6 years now. That’s just amazing to me. And while I’m not always good at keeping up with things, I have enjoyed all that I have shared with you, my readers. Recently, I came back to Flosculi after a rather long hiatus, and read through many of the posts that I’d written back in 2007. How time has flown, and how different things have become in so many ways!

Just to edit a few things above, at this point, there will be no move outside of the US. I’m a bit saddened by this, but I’ll survive. Since I wrote that, I have been to Ireland twice and will be going back again this May (2013). Despite that bit of sadness, my life is still immensely blessed. Part of why we’re not planning on moving after all is because I am now a student (which you might know, if you are one of the readers who has read all of my postings!), and I’m planning on going to graduate school in Fall of 2014. It is my hope to be accepted to the Irish Studies Programme at Boston College. Cross your fingers….and more on that at a later date (I do need to apply first!).

My baby, who was still a baby when I started writing, is now seven. That, right there, is unbelievable. Time needs to cut back a bit on its marching speed. I am also a proud granny, which is the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. Again, my life is very blessed.

So, pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, and feel free to hang out here for a while, reading about the little flowers of my life. It’s always good to have visitors, old and new. And thank you for visiting! ๐Ÿ™‚


3 Responses to “About me”

  1. Frances Says:

    Hi There,
    My name is Frances & I live in a very small town in central Victoria, Australia. I bought this 74 year old house 2 years ago. It’s name is Flosculi. The family who built it were O’Donahue. I found this site whilst trying to find out more about the house name and its builder.

  2. izzarina Says:

    Hello, Frances!
    I hope you were able to find out more about the word. It is Latin, and means “little flowers”. For me, the little flowers are of myself….the little bits of my life that I like to share with everyone. Sometimes, those things are only important to me, but I hope that others do find something enjoyable from reading about them.

    In terms of your house, it’s very interesting. I wonder why they came up with that name!

    Thank you for leaving a note…it’s always fun to find out why and how people found my blog. I hope you have been very happy in your new home ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Frances Says:

    Thank-you for replying Izzarina,

    Yes, I love the house. It is in the Art Deco style, but with very obvious Irish influence. Last night, after I had found your site, I discovered that the O’Donohue’s who built the house were farmers, but the wife, Elizabeth, died three months after they moved in, 1936, at 65 years of age. I keep imagining her excitement in the whole building experience – the house is solid brick – all the internal walls are brick. It must have taken forever to build and she would have chosen all the very modern features (for the times) the leadlight windows & doors, the window & floor furnishings, the ceiling roses, the light fittings, & then to have died before she really had a chance to enjoy the luxury that it must have seemed after coming off a hard farming life. It really broke my heart.

    Well, I live here now. I find it very interesting that the name Flosculi brought my attention to a woman on the other side of the world who has a fascination with all things Irish, a dislike of phones and an avid interest in reading (when time permits). My mainden name was Clare. My next internet adventure will be to track down any Irish Clare forbears (County Clare perhaps?).



    Thank-you for replying,

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