I know that I don’t get all that many people who actually look at my blog, but the few that do are imporant to me. So, to those of you that come here often enough to notice the change in theme…what do you think? Please be honest…I’m not sure if I like it or not, so if you hate it or love it, give it to me straight. I can take it 😉


Well, not really, I suppose, since a sabbatical really pertains to one leaving their work to pursue something other than their work. This blog is hardly work. It’s more of a leisure activity. But, regardless, I will still refer to it as a sabbatical…if only because I’ve always wanted to go on one. It just sounds so…I don’t know….sophisticated or something.

At any rate, I’m taking some time off from computerly endeavours for a while. There are a few reasons for this. Primarily, Mr Izz is home, and is not attending school during the summer. This means that he needs to be on the computer for work more than he had been. This also means that my time is now very limited. This is fine for me…I have lots of work to do in the house anyway.

The other reason is a bit more complex, and one that I won’t get into here. But I need time away…..things have become very crazy in my life in ways that I couldn’t have imagined they would. I need to take time away from this virtual world and re-prioritize my real world a bit more. I have many things to deal with right now in my real life (both physically deal with in regards to the new house, as well as emotionally deal with), and being here, in the virtual, will not allow me to do that I fear. So….off I go on sabbatical. I may attempt a post or two through the course of the summer, but honestly, I’m doubting there will be time, or that I’ll really feel up to writing. I suppose saying that the craziness in my life has effected my writing is very accurate. I really don’t have the desire right now. My only hope is that I will again soon…I do enjoy it immensely.

So to all of the numerous people who read my blog on a regular basis (yes, all three of you know who you are!), thanks for reading thus far. I hope that when I am able to come back, you’ll still be here, and I’ll actually have something worthwhile for you to read.

I honestly can’t for the new look. A good friend of mine, who incidentally takes fantastic pictures, took the picture that I have up on the header now. I like the look much better…it much better suits the look I was trying to go for to begin with.

So thank you, Dub. I am forever in your debt 😉 MWAH!

Death is such a difficult thing to deal with, even when you’ve been through it a couple of times. When someone you are close to passes on, you have so many mixed emotions…anger, sadness, and some passing moments of happiness when you think of fond memories. This intermingling of feelings makes it difficult at times, but of course we always do get through it in the end.

For someone who is young, and has never had death present itself in an intimate way as of yet, the first passing of a loved one or close friend can be very upsetting. This is the scenario that we are experiencing today. I received an email in my inbox today, telling me of a young, 15 year old girl that was swept away from the strong current of a stream too full with the rain and snow that had just fallen. She and her brother were playing along the edge, and both fell in. He was able to get to the bank to climb out; she was not. The very sad thing about this 15 year old girl is that she was close friends with my eldest daughter at one time, when we lived in New Hampshire. They did quite a few things together, and seemed to really enjoy one another’s company. After we moved to Ohio, the friendship seemed to wane; the letters that were written became less and less. I don’t think that Katherine had heard from her in a few years now. But she still talks about the wonderful times she had, going to a goat farm, or to the Maple Sugar festival, or whatever. They are fond memories to her, and she still thinks quite fondly of her friend despite the fact they had grown apart. Telling her was not an easy thing…Katherine has never had to experience such a loss. The first time I was met with the death of a friend, I was much older. Needless to say, she is very upset. It’s my hope that at some point she and I can sit down and talk without interruptions. I don’t know if that will help, but I can at least try.

For anyone reading right now, please keep the Henry family in your thoughts and prayers. And, in a smaller way, please keep my Katherine in your thoughts as well. I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

The next few weeks (I hope only weeks) are looking to be rather daunting right now, and so I’m taking some time off from the “online” world. I’m sure that the scores of people that actually take the time to read my blog are going to be horribly depressed! 😉 But hopefully it won’t be for long, and I’ll be able to get back and write some more. I’ve found it to be a wonderful diversion thus far, and it’s something I’d rather not part with permanently.

I know of quite a few people who “blog” and so I figured, what the heck. I’ll try it out too! So here is post number one. I have to figure things out before I can do anything fun, so I’ll leave this where it is for now. More later!