After about a week of sublimely springlike temperatures and sunny skies, the weather took a turn today. The clouds hung low in the air, almost as if the earth was trying to hide its head under blankets from the inevitable wrath of Old Man Winter. The clouds closed in, as cold flakes of white spun through the air, attempting to find the culprit which last week stole Winter’s thunder. But as the blankets of clouds keep their stifled grip upon us all, the Winter has taken its place of prominence. But not for long…at least that is my hope, as I not-so-patiently await the first signs of Spring.


COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!!!! Oh, Chanticleer! Must you rise so early? COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!! He walks past my window as his announcement of wakefulness is met with a response from across the yard. COCL-A-DOODLE-DOO!! Another one, from in the coop apparently has something to say to them, and joins in on the Cock-a-doodle-doo-ing. His raspy singing voice mingles with the other, similar voices vying for their moment in the sun (ahem). We have too many roosters. Too many Alphas trying to prove themselves. Too many roosters….and that makes for one noisy barnyard. Words to live by. Image

ImageIt’s the smell that gets me first. That earthy, dark smell, wafting through the kitchen as I make breakfast. Brew faster!! My patience is waning. How I long for that first taste, that first cup. To have that roasted bit of amazingness, which must be heaven sent, first hit my taste buds! If only I couldn’t smell it! I’m quivering with anticipation…why does it take so long?

My husband wants to know why the coffeepot stopped brewing at 10 cups. I just smile, as my fingers curl around my warm cup.

I had forgotten how much I love to get up as the sun yawningly stretches its first rays toward the horizon. The sleepy sky first blushes at the sun’s approach with a pinkish glow. Then, as they embrace, the horizon lights up like a furnace ablaze. This momentary conflagration is what makes the fact that I’ve left my warm bed more than worth it. 🙂

ImageThe trees were bathed in an aurorean glow this morning, and the snow, no longer the bits of lace it had been, glistened and glittered like small diamonds as the first bits of light struck them. Each small, crystalline structure threw off dozens of prismatic rays, dazzling my eyes and lifting my heavy spirits. Good morning to you, too, Mother Earth! 

The afternoon shadows aren’t quite as long now. The emboldened sun creeps higher in the sky to bring light to the world, dispelling the darkness bit by bit. And my soul rejoices. Image

I’m not good with grief. Right now, my heart is shattered, and all the tears I’ve shed will not glue the pieces back together.

Today, I found out that a dear friend is in the last stages of pancreatic cancer. I had no idea he was ill. so this news came as much  more than just a shock to me. I’m shaken to my very core. He was merely an ‘internet friend’ which many might think might mean it shouldn’t mean much to me. But Denny was more than that; he was a friend despite distance and never officially meeting him. He was witty and wise; he was a dear friend.

As you battle for your last moments, Denny, know that so many of us are here praying for and thinking about you in those final moments. You shall always be missed, but never forgotten. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We’re all better for having known you.